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Paul Musarra says:

Great video

Les Simmo says:

Bally good, yes good drill.

Paul Musarra says:

Simple and effective. Thank you.

G G says:


Can you guys do the same drill with a driver? Irons vs woods. Not the same swing

Ed G says:

I was waiting for a tornado to sweep them away.

Jeremy Johnson says:

If he is an 11…I’m tiger woods .

jennifer says:

shouldn't the right elbow be in front of the body and still not behind?

mrjamesgrimes says:

I don’t think I have the anatomy for this. It’s very uncomfortable to keep my elbow tucked unless I have a very flat backswing

Aldo G says:

Couldn't figure out for the life of me why I couldnt correct my slice. Tried fixing everything but no luck. Once i realized i had a flying right elbow and fixed it i got right on plane and i hit it right down the middle. It's crazy how one little detail throws the whole swing off

Chester Micek says:

Thanks, P&A – this video addresses my fault. I appreciate your chatty, friendly style of imparting sound, technical information, and then, backing it up with a common sense drill. It's been seven months since I first saw this video and I've come to the conclusion that the further my right elbow is from my body at the top of my backswing, the more inconsistent my shot pattern is. As a result, I've gone to a Ben Hogan like non-separation at the top of my backswing. I've also added a move that I call "holstering my right elbow". I've never heard anyone say this term, so, I'm formerly claiming it as my own. The movement is simple: While holding my Hogan Triangle angles, I try to jam my right elbow into an imaginary funnel which is attached to my right hip at the point. I use my shoulder muscles to do this. Of course, I've bumped my hip toward the target and started to rotate my body. I should send you a video, but this "imaginary holster" is making my ball striking more consistent. I got this idea while watching Morgan Pressel having her right arm strapped to her body with her caddy's belt. The patented difference here is that my way gives the golfer power and accuracy.

alan carlyon says:

Great tip Guy's, but may I suggest you fit a foam sleeve over your mike, or do your drills in doors when it's as windy as it was on your filming that day! I have been playing this game for over 45 years and I have just found how important the right elbow is in our golf swing and am now playing superb golf now than what I was playing in my 20s! So thanks guy's!

detonatorjd says:

Triple Right Drill…right angle of wrist set, right angle of forearm, of the right arm.

Knightlore10 says:

Pop a foam golf ball under your right armpit and hold it there through the swing. After doing this on the range I hit more fairways than ever and my misses were not bad at all.

Gareth Thomas says:

Great tip, guys. Is keeping the right elbow down a key to helping you get your wrists in the right position? Many times I've had the flying right elbow and have come down on too steep a plane.

Hans Frantzen says:

Hi, a good drill. I have the same problem
Do you want me to start every swing with the lift of the right arm together with the correct grip and continue to the above and the downswing?

thierry cooreman says:

66 years of age from Belgium so excuse my english. Just went to the range and practiced this drill.
Won' t tell you all my suffering but this tip is the best piece of advice I had in my whole life.
It is changing my whole conception of this game and making it so incredibly easy.
Thanks thanks thanks

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