Stop Turning Your Shoulders in your Golf Swing!

Why is nobody telling you the correct way to turn your shoulders? This video will fix your golf shoulder turn for good.

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20 thoughts on “Stop Turning Your Shoulders in your Golf Swing!

  1. I’ve been with you since day one, and you deserve your success. This is one of the best analysis of a common golf flaw that I’ve seen in probably 3000 golf videos that I have watched!

  2. Thanks for this. I literally was working on a drill today based on Ben Hogan and having the left should under the chin and was also trying to make sure my right hip went deep before clearing the left hip backwards on the downswing. It went great for a while, then I think I ended up like you in 6:30 to 6:50 and ended up shanking a bunch of balls. It seems to work well in the practice net. Looking forward to trying it out on the range next week.

  3. Mr. SG, I actually noticed this at the range yesterday — when I especially focused on a big turn and getting my left shoulder behind the ball, bam, pull hook! But I didn't know why. Now I do. Thanks!

  4. Like a lot of the folks commenting I'm also a self taught golfer who wants to learn and improve and you are doing us a great favor. Your comment about you being the most centered while doing this swing, preceded by some interesting hand gestures was super.

  5. Instruction has gone so overboard with the turning that people have their arms stuck behind their body and are "firing" their hips and flipping the club. I really don't understand youtube instruction sometimes.
    This is simple, this is what should be happening.

  6. Tried this today and I works very good. I just need to work in a little more tempo in the transition but I feel If I work on this it's going to be money… I came across your video at the perfect time lol I was literally trying to turn my shoulders more and was really hooking it.

  7. never seen a youtube instructor or pro i've had lessons with so perfectly explain the details of hwo the body should move through the swing… why the sequence is what it is and the thoughts and drills to create fill to lock it in like you do. I'm truly impressed. Makes me want to drive to the range right now

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