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► In part two of this strategy in golf series, Clive talks Neil through how to approach the challenge of long and short par 3s

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Jim Saddler says:

Great video. Most mid-handicappers could shave strokes just by thinking a bit more during the round. One big tip I picked up is to block out the "danger" spots, to avoid the double bogies. Also, gauging your shots based on the BACK yardage to the green instead of the middle of the green. Lots of tips here that seem like common sense if you just think about them!

Robert Dore says:

This is a great insight into the mind of a man who actually earns his money from the game. It proves that even major winners will completely remove all ego from their shot / club selection and look at the desired result as an end game. I could listen to this guy talk strategy all day long.

plusfour1 says:

Knowing how far you actually hit the ball and what are the relevant yardages for particular shots is really important (front/carry, back, pin, roll out). I have been using a range finder the last couple of seasons and through trial and error have become much better at club selection. I was recently fitted for wedges and the fitter used a launch monitor (which I had never used before) and I found that my actual carry distance is less than I thought. This is no surprise but this knowledge really helped my 1 game since the fitting. Driving ranges are starting to get launch monitors in for public use in my area and they have cell phone apps which work with the monitor via bluetooth to load the data from your session.

nbb233 says:

Can Clive just do all the videos instead of the other Muppet?

Rob Vickers says:

Not sure I need advice on getting bogeys, I’m fairly good at that already 😉

Doug Zembiec says:

Yip, we all have th etime to stand 5min on the tee and have a chat about a shot.

Malone Brinton says:

The ads ruin these videos. Insufferable.

Iain Mackie says:

What an interesting and helpful video. Enjoyed it all. FULL of Top Tips to take to the course ??

streamleazefishhouse says:

All that water being wasted makes me sad and slightly ashamed to be a "golfer"

Dan A says:

All that chat and he 3 putts ?

Dan A says:

All that chat and he 3 putts ?

Anders Borum says:

What a great course. Also, good stuff from Clive et all.

Jim Davis says:

Always good to review these basics. I need to think more about the max distance I can get from a club, so not to go long, then maybe back off a bit to get less.

Jez Swallow says:

Really interesting. Loved it!

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