Strength, Balance & Flexibility Exercises for Golfers – Fitness Blender Golf Workout

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Jesse Hunter says:

You have helped me out a lot thank you for the instructions in the workout
are a huge help, I am an Orphan my thank yous are from the heart. Much all
the best to your family peace love happiness.

Matt Sampley says:

thank you so much for this one!!!

MPowerPhysTherapy says:

Great exercise!

Susanne Westwood says:

Great way to prepare for the golf season

Lewis Burnett says:

Great workout guys thank you. This has helped me regain some lost
flexibility after a shoulder problem. Easy maintenance with the program too.


Westwood Golf Academy says:

great workout to prepare for golf season. Highly recommend it. I love the
Prone Hovering Lateral Raises. I’ve seen versions of this but this
executes the areas to strengthen the back.

Carl's Golfland says:

Here’s a workout designed for the golfer! Strength, Balance & Flexibility
Exercises for Golfers – Fitness Blender Golf Workout

vac838 says:

finally a youtube video that is a workout titled for golfers that actually
has some good exercises FOR GOLF!!

poltaksamijo says:

Thank You, It really helps !!!

eric dekarski says:

how many times a week?

4Christ ChristianBeatz says:


Candice Huang says:

I’m excited to try this out 🙂 I know it’s unlikely you’ll make another
golf video, but which of your other videos should I also do along with this
to improve my golf game? Can you give me some playlists or specific videos?
Thank you!!

Thiaga Rajan says:

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FitnessBlender says:

Yeah even just 5 minutes of jogging in place or generally moving about
would be a good idea before jumping into the routine. We have a warm up
video if you need some ideas 🙂

neeti shah says:

too long do u have a shorter 1or not

Emilli Panagiotopoyloy says:

i love this workout

FitnessBlender says:

@nickteen1 Thank you Nick!

FitnessBlender says:

@cagohupu98 You are welcome, but don’t thank us. This video was created by
special request through a Fitness Blender Member Donation by Andrew S.

FitnessBlender says:

Sure – You can embed our video on your website, you must embed it directly
from YouTube (not altering it in any way) and provide a link back to our
website. What’s your website, we’d love to see your post when you’re
finished. Thank you!

4Christ ChristianBeatz says:

Thank you very much, I embedded the link on my website under the “Helpful
article” section above. My website is a review about a product, have a look
and let me know if it’s the right way you want your link embedded. I have
assigned a button, that when the button is clicked it will directly
transfer to your youtube video. Again, thank you.

Stephanie Diaz says:

Great video

abie2010 says:

Hi! could you do a version of this training for women? 🙂

FitnessBlender says:

This is definitely already training for women. There is no such thing as a
boy or girl workout 🙂

FitnessBlender says:

Great! Wanna PM us the website address?

TheAirCrock says:

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♠ SephirothXTR ♣ says:

Great golf workout

cagohupu98 says:

Thanks daniel

Maya Rana says:

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quick and easy way for you to get ripped fast.

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