Strike Every Shot Solid and Pure Like a PGA Tour Pro!

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A swing robot like Iron Byron hits the ball dead in the center of the clubface every time. We human golfers need to follow 2 simple keys to do the same thing – a stable center and constant length radius rotating around that fixed center.

In this video, Steve Pratt and Jerry Crowell, PGA, show you how to get these 2 big keys so that you can hit the ball solid every time!

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Ned Morales says:

Pleaae make a video when it's available and how we can buy one Thank You Steve.

Kester Ng says:

Where can we buy the Flammer?

Swing Searcher says:

Hello Steve, what do you think about Colin Montgomery pivot action?

steve perry says:

good info. i can see the kevin costner character struggling with his shank. that part was funny but the rest of the flick was kinda hokey.

Hung Phan says:

Should the sequence be arms stimulate the throw, body responses, and hands release the club?

Hung Phan says:

@Steve Pratt Golf, you want to make it adjustable.

Steve Harvey says:

Steve, I have been watching these video tips all morning and like what I see. I tried to sign up on your hititlonger site but got a message my email was already registered and to log in but when I submit a lost password reset a couple times I get no reset email from your site.

Sorry to post this here but I could not find any contact us info on
Also Steve

deeban shajahan says:

steve praff where cn i find the flammer. cheera

John Musachia says:

I want one. Please let us know when this is available.

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