Strong Golf Grip Lesson Fix

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Strong Golf Grip Lesson Fix
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Rick Shiels Senior PGA Golf Coach at Trafford Golf Centre helps 4 handicapper Mike Oakes fix his dreadful pulled golf shots and lack of consistency.


Kyle Demaine says:

Great video thanks Rick. It feels terrible and I’m struggling to hit the
sweet spot but I’ll keep at it. 

jon hooks says:

I will def try this because one day i believe i have to get away from the
strong grip i have…only my second year and shooting in the high 80’s
most of the time, but i think i could do alot better if i didnt pull a few
shots a round far far left. it does feel weak like im gonna let go of my
club when i try to go to neutral at the range but i think i have to change
it one day to get better …great video, it will help

James Wen says:

Probably best video on grip that I’ve seen. The blue marker on the grip
helps with the visualization. Thanks Rick!

Rick Shiels PGA says:

Video: Strong Golf Grip Lesson Fix with neutral grip explanation 

Matthew Peake says:

Great Vid and happy to subscribe! Had to change my grip recently just like
in the film. Was too far underneath with my right hand and my shoulders
were way off level (left shoulder very high). Thanks!!

Darren Stenson says:

Brilliant! That’s exactly what I was looking for. Another great video. 

Peter Cunningham says:

Sorted my grip out thanks to this video. Tried it out on the course today
and was hitting it great and straight 

konartis8108 says:

I always get confused. What would a strong left handed grip look like for a
right handed golfer?

Mike from Louisiana says:

Great video! I really enjoy your stuff!!

Jack Dent says:

This really helped me, changed my grip this week 

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