Subpar Short Game? Gary Player Has You Covered

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amateur golfers don't grip down to shorten the club near the green, so they get all scoopy trying to adjust with a full length shaft

Polsen2013 says:

back then on slower/crappier greens, you could get away with this forward shaft lean around the greens, but all his chips ran out significantly. Nobody does this anymore, because of lightning fast greens, and good players use the bounce

justlovethisgame says:

Terrible advice to give to an amateur! Far too much cocking the wrists and use of hands and arms causing inconsistent strikes resulting in thin and fat shots! You need to have as little wrist cock as possible therefor entering the ball with a very shallow strike making good use of a small upper body rotation, this will ensure great consistency and maximum use of the bounce of the sand wedge which is what it was designed for in the first place! Very surprised and disappointed to see this instruction from Gary! Very poor instruction! Best example among the touring pro's is Steve Stricker who is known by his peers as the best in the business at this technique! The most important component of the checking of the golf ball on the second bounce that Gary refers to is the friction component, so clean grooves, quality high spin ball and a dedicated quality sand wedge plus receptive green will be key in executing great shots! Gary doesn't mention this at all!

Dreama40 says:

Bad advice from such a legend, surprising.

tatchy1001 says:

Terrible advice, completely takes out the bounce of the club and means you MUST strike it perfect


That is my go to shot.  They just don't teach that much anymore, unless the instructor is old school.

Chairman Meow says:

Great camera work. I didn't see one ball hit the green—–just a ball rolling

slappy0077 says:

the only thing that really matters on a shot like this is the BALL, without spin forget it

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