Super Junior Golfers

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Full version of Dylan (9), Jackson (10) and John (10) playing golf at Pelican Hill Resort (North Course) October 20, 2012.

USKG 2013 World Championship Results (10 year old division):

Video of Dylan playing in the 2013 USKGWC:


Marc Newman says:

Amazing to watch, outstanding level of golf played, I took note of one of
the kids chips from around 40-50 yards off the green and I think I learned
something I shall definitely practice, so thank you for that. The only
negative I see from playing this young is that they are unable to swear and
I can’t imagine playing golf without the occasional curse word ­čśë but this
says more about my standard of golf and me lol.´╗┐

Brock Hawkins says:

All of there knees ” snapped ” during there backswing. That’s. no a good

Alps P says:

What shafts do they all play ?´╗┐

pacypacman says:

the guy in red had an awesome finnsh with the driver!´╗┐

Brady Potter says:

That was awesome! Maybe you three can come down to Canada and teach me a
thing or two? Anyways, I’m 14 and shoot high 80’s, low 90’s. You three have
a great future ahead of you!´╗┐

Cameron Chhim says:

Those are some wide fairways ´╗┐

Kyrie Irving says:

It brings back memories of being little and having a awkward swing because
couldn’t swing as hard as you wanted to´╗┐

Emilio Manrique says:

that course is so easy´╗┐

bart sebas says:

What r the handicaps ?

Eddie Del Villar says:

respect to these juniors. I just began golfing and I will lose to them.
Keep up the good work´╗┐

JJBoLe heroo says:

they are just average golfers. there are way better 10 year old golfers
than these kids´╗┐

carter schuck says:

How far can they drive´╗┐

paulw03033 says:

If u want to c my swing look up “luke Walsh kerry u13 golf champion 2014″´╗┐

Blake Warner says:

I like the ending “um, there’s a bee on you”´╗┐

EpicTutorials AndOtherEpicStuff says:

Great video and nice editing´╗┐

V4NEKKI says:


Emmett Landers says:

why did you skip holes?´╗┐

VW Junior says:


TheSirgnome says:

I hit from seniors when driving and I’m 13´╗┐

jackson fulmer says:

How far were there avg. drives?´╗┐

EpicTutorials AndOtherEpicStuff says:

Where d u get ur clubs at´╗┐

Derrick Pinney says:

I’m 16 and i’ve almost been playing golf for 2 years. Man i wish i could’ve
started early :p They have nice swings, keep it up kids!´╗┐

Miguel Gonzalez says:

4:45 looked like was turning into lord of the flies!
Boy in red has nice swing!´╗┐

Ask says:

all these boys are very good im a Junior Golfer as well´╗┐

Claire Choe says:

very good´╗┐

EpicTutorials AndOtherEpicStuff says:

What clubs´╗┐

EpicTutorials AndOtherEpicStuff says:

What handicap ´╗┐

N LS says:

Love the encouragement they give each other. Great video!´╗┐

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