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Super Speed Golf Review with former European Open Champion Andrew Murray. The Super Speed swing sticks aim to increase your swing speed and club head speed, and help you to hit it further, and easier.

Myself and Andrew Murray discuss how to use the super speed sticks and how you can use these to improve your golf – go check out all things Andrew Murray on his website

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gary smith6 says:

Hi Alex so where do you buy these here in the UK

Bob Carlton says:

I like the SUPER SPEED system and have seen several video's about it. I know this is nit picking but he is hitting a 7 iron but trackman is showing that he is hitting a driver. With that said, he hit a seven iron at the start and at the end and trakman showed a drived at both the start and the end so comparison can be made but how much influcence is there within the trackman system between a 7 iron and a driver. I can't help but wonder if the results are skewed somewhat? Maybe not, probably not intentional. . . however, does throw a bit of doubt in there when this is a review.

Eric Smyth says:

I'm enjoying your channel quite a bit. I appreciate your unbiased opinions and find your tutorials very helpful indeed.

gemma wright says:

Great stuff from andrew murray

ashley elliott says:

Well done again

Lindsey Johnson says:

Great video xx

will johnson says:

Great video alex, love your content

alex smith says:

Great swing!

Em Crossley says:

great video once again

Padraig Maclochlainn says:

Enjoyed the video Alex, don't have the swing speed shafts but use an old mop ? Andrew has a great left handed swing too ?

Visionz Wright says:

Hi Alex, once again enjoyed the video. Are the speed sticks available in the UK? Working with the speed sticks and your strengthening exercise will get us in shape for the summer. I left a comment on your Instagram, wrightondeisgns.

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