Super Speed Golf – The Answer To Longer Drives?

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Super Speed Golf claims to be able to increase club head speed, increase distance and help you hit longer drives off the tee. How does it work? Does it work? You can spend thousands going through Taylormade Drivers, Titleist Drivers, Ping Drivers, Mizuno Drivers, and countless Golf training aids to help you gain distance. Hundreds of PGA Tour and European Tour Players trust super speed golf to warm up and to increase club head speed including Ian Poulter, Kevin Na, amongst others.

I’m going to take the recommended 4 week program set by super speed golf and see if it really does increase my club head speed and hit the ball further.

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Glenn Watson says:

I have been doing this for a week. I find the backward swings to be very difficult.

54madden says:

Take it you never went through with this

Markus Feldenkirchen says:

Great video and plan to test Super Speed Golf over time. I am curious about the results. Could you please post the link to video with the results as I can't find it. Thank you in advance

Alain Trudel says:

Can’t wait to see if you Made any gain

S McLaughlin says:

Any follow up to this video??

Joshua Prok says:

what ever happened with this?

liamw23 says:

Any updates on whether this actually works?

Jonathan Gardner says:

Hi James any updates on this product yet

Tom Brady says:

any update video?

Living Over Par says:

I used to do this back in 2007 but with golf balls on old shafts, I would drill a hole through them and glue them onto the shaft. Did you ever continue with the training? I havent seen anything about it since.

Mike B says:

On the verge of buying these for a winter golf school here in Canada. Do they work or are they shyte? Seems everyone and his mother have videos out there now that show the 'swing radar' speeds of the sticks, but have yet to post definitive videos of their own swings showing a legit 5-10 mph increase after the month is over.
One guy posted a video of a 'student' who gains 18 mph in one session! Problem is his new 99 mph swing was a massive slice with a distance of about 190 yards and over 7,000 rpm of spin! The coach says basically yeah, it was a crap swing mechanically, but gee look how fast it was!

Robert Browne says:

Hi James, is there any updated video? Interested to see how you got on?

Ben Botham says:

How’s the training going and have you seen any decent results?

Thomas Wrigley says:

When's the update video coming?… it's been a month did you manage to stick to the regime?

Kev Giles says:

Any update on this James? Cheers

Cliff0161 says:

rediculous price

Andrew Linch says:

Good luck with the super speed training, I did a similar thing about 5 years ago. My swing speed was 100mph with the driver and over 4 weeks I increased it to 120 mph using flex-ability training and over speed training with a old driver shaft with no head and a Speed Whoosh stick. Well I got the 20 mph increase but the interesting thing I found was that I was a lot straighter as well, my conclusion was that I must have been guiding the club whereas pure speed will stabilize a club head , I swing about 108 average now.

Keith Harris says:

I'm watching this with interest…at 60 I've lost some yards, not as flexible etc. This could be the answer I'm looking for. Cheers James

Jose Cuervo-drinker says:

I finished my first week of Super Speed a couple days ago. Played in a tournament yesterday where there is a par 5 with water at 300 yards where the hole turns sharp left. Last year I hit right to the corner and into the water, this year I carried the water and only had 125 yards left on my second shot. Gave myself a 10 foot look at eagle but had to settle for a tap in birdie. I'll take it.

GS Grant says:

Who really has the time to use these devices anyway. Have a buddy who has closest full of these so called swing helpers etc etc. We all know what to do but usually just procrastinate

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