Super Unplanned Trip to Royal Melbourne's Kiwi Cousin | NZ Ep 7

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Jake4211 says:

"What island is that?"

Hello World says:

That was a true RGC VLOG!!! The New Zealand trip is just an amazing series that I will watch again, and again…. Love it

Zoo Golf says:

How were you allowed to fly a drone there when it's next to ain airport!!!???


BRO what is that 'CHILLY' pom beanie and where do I get one?!

Al Gustafson says:

Hey. ya didn't finish off the tour of Otago with me mate Ian !! Come back 🙂 please


Vicariously………. That's how we all golf through you!!!

Ext1nct d0vez says:

im super late to this but brae burn country club in newton massachusetts has a similar weird green with a straight angle off it on hole number 7

William Sankey says:

Golf at its purest, we loved this course and the great people we met there.

G0inInDrY says:

Got my first pack of Vice Balls. Gotta say, the numbers aren't AS good as pro VI's but they're so damn close there's almost no difference for my handicap (11) and they're half the price.

Dale Korody says:

Erik pulling the drug dealer card rocking two phones. iPhone and a Pixel. Nice.

Mark Filaroski says:

Never seen it so , "ah , ummm" Pronounced?

Zico Mitchell says:

Bruh actually come play the Royal Melbourne

Reece Witters says:

“Paraparaumu has the blood of golf soaking in its sprinkler system” – EAL

The Bearded Golfer says:

Special edition USOpen Jones bag is spot on. Let me know when you are done with it!

Adam Zippin says:

What brand bag do you use??

Kieran Homer says:

Awesome video Erik, what an amazing golf course. Have you been to Rotorua? Hamurana 9 hole course is worth a visit 😀

Jaccpot Joee says:

where do you get ur glasses from?

Harry Base says:

Need video of the reaction to that voicemail. Must have been a complete WTF moment. Lmao

Payden Pavic says:

Literally one of the best filmmakers on YouTube

Mark Lynch says:

Name of the songs ?

Jason Baldry says:

Such great content

Laz-Andres Mesa says:

Hey Erik, are you wearing a Tudor?

Billy Pierce says:

The drone shots on this one are well flown and well filmed. Props to Stuart & Colt and company.

Billy Pierce says:

What an adventure!!!

Michael Power says:

Very cool video. Cheers.

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