Superstars tee off at the WrestleMania Pro-Am Golf Tournament

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HectorD214 says:

I think R Truth burning tire and drifting in the golf cart made this whole
video for me lol 

The Champ Is Here says:

Curtis Axel vs. Miz confirmed.

TheGamingGengar says:

Where is taker?
He loves golf

Shadyxv 15 says:

2:01 skirt got up 

Sidney Crosby! says:

Miz is awesome.

Daavidd4 says:

Summer Rae. Plays golf. Dresses for Tennis.

AboRetDerFalsche says:

02:00 time to fap (._.)

Darrell Manuel says:

lol Fandango’s only words, “This is how we do it!” Best line in this whole

DisaidraGaming says:

Miz is left handed? Well that’s something I learned today. 

Peter Griffin says:

Bring back the draft

thepmi factorxx says:

Summer is perfect…

HollyWood A-Lister_Miz says:

I Can Golf I Can Wrestle I Can Cut Promos I Can Do Everything Because I’m
The Miz Andddd I’m

WWF TV 14 LOVER says:

this is more watchable then Roman Reigns vs Big Show

SilencedLeech says:

Did i see SGT Slaughter in there?

Whytech01 says:

Someone’s about to get fired, this video didn’t make Roman Reigns look

john smith says:

Irrelevant jobbers. Irrelevant jobbers everywhere.

Antonio Matheus says:

*2:00** Thanks for the view, Summer*

The Superman Roman Reigns #BelieveThat says:

Superstars tee off at the WrestleMania Pro-Am Golf Tournament

bono1083 says:

Who the hell is that at 0:47

Brett Hanna says:

Pause at 2:00 you’re welcome 

Sateki Aholoka says:

I thought that the thumbnail had LL Cool J on it? Or was it just me….

LagamzerGIRL says:

Was that Brad Madox?!?

Joshua Benton says:

Did anyone notice Sgt. Slaughter? :D

MrAbzpd says:

Why is Hornswoggle STILL contracted to the WWE his useless do they feel
sorry for him or something I don’t get it

Emi Grant says:

If you thought you could avoid the 301 Club, Then I’m Afraid I’ve got some
Bad News!!!!

frankiegong13 says:

Miz has a solid swing considering he wrestles 300+ days out of the year

crater2001 says:

He was driving it like a actual car lol

Abdulkadir Almeteeri says:

The guy in the thumbnail looks like Danny gun from gun vs gun 

Brian WWE Wookiee says:

Can I have some decorum please?
Golf fans, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news
Wrestling is better than golf
For more breaking news stay tuned to BNZ
Thank you very much!

Fandango says:


– Fandango

BadNews Kelly Leak says:

Axel’s golf outfit if freaking awesome! #AXELMANIA

Mark Heelis says:

I want to know who won!! Also, I believe Booker T is a very keen golfer,
didn’t spot him there. 

Fred Koubersi says:

Love R truth haha

Hattie Corder says:

The last part was scary lol

Wolf_Effectz says:

2:00 Dayum, she fine.

Knight Helix says:

R-Truth or Happy Gilmore

Samuel Carey says:

Surely I’m not the only one who thought Axel was sami zayn?

Daw Kinner says:


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