Swing a Golf Club Like Me (part 2) | Bryson DeChambeau

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This is how I swing a golf club part 2.

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Checkout Part 1 of this series if you haven’t seen it: https://youtu.be/V0-eYfUI2pY

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Bryson DeChambeau says:

Hope you guys enjoyed the video! If you buy some merchandise, tag me on instagram. Hope you all love it.

Claud Beck says:

This is the only series I have actually downloaded off YouTube so far lol.

Terry Brady says:

Bryson thank you so much for your tutelage. I was really struggling for a while and I just started using your swing techniques. I’m not looking for power I was looking for consistency and after three weeks it starting to come together. The triangle really works. Thanks again

Florian Haist says:

These videos are awesome. A lot of things i did´nt realise. Thank you for this Bryson!!!

Kasie Rhoads says:

Thank you for your time explaining the mechanism of the basic golf swing! I am always a ‘why or how to’ person. In order to do thing well I need to know the reason. Golf is not a practice practice makes perfect, it’s the consistency and precise on how you swing

JP Gonzalez says:

Awesome video Bryson!

QM says:

Love these episodes more of these please where you start at zero and build up! Adam is where a lot of us are in the game of golf and no one by to walk us through the fundamentals. A lot of lessons i get are solicited advice from my friends who play one great hole (par) and all of the sudden they think they can start telling you what your'e doing wrong while dismissing the fact they quadruple bogied last 4 holes. for a credible PRO to allow us free lessons is amazing. you're the man Bryson.

Marcus Butcher says:

Love the channel. Could you guys explain what you call throwing the hands. I think I have found it in my own swing but need clarification. Thanks and hit it well.


Awesome….I struggle with the stalling aspect and this lesson def help with fixing that! Great Vid and thank you Bryson! Oh and when are you getting more merch in stock?

not happening says:

Part 3 please!!!!!!

Jim Naz says:

I love your approach to golf instruction. BUT you must improve the wind reduction on the mic.

Pushkar Singh Arora says:

The only golf lessons you need.

CALVIN S says:

I'll tell you what Bryson you've got to be one of the coolest guys on tour. Never been one player to do this and really let loose and teach people

Sliqric says:

big help cheers dude

Troy Terry says:

Bryson love the swing, been working on it for a while. For some reason every now and then I shank the ball? Any ideas why?

Shawn Reems says:

Does he under stand how lucky he is to have Bryson teaching him his swing. Then putting his hands on his hips? im a straight guy but dam super jelly lol

Nelly says:

5:45 Everyone that ever got hooked to golf felt that feeling at some point. haha

Darren says:

Where was Bryson when about a billion of us golfers around the world needed his help, wow His credentials are amazing! I'm buying some of his merchandise! Thank you Brian DeChambeau you got a beautiful caring personality, sir!



Bryson, I'm one of your biggest fans and love the way you approach the game as a science and as an athletic endeavor. You're curious about how things work and we both have that in common. That's the purpose of this message. When I first discovered the Medicus Hinged 5 Iron, my game changed a lot. This training device made it clear how the shaft is supposed to work. Up and down and not around. Not long ago I found a video on youtube that put everything together and I think it would be worth your time just to give it a view. I've been teaching golf for quite some time and playing since 1957 when I was 11 years old. Had I known "all of this back then", I would have been a much, much better player. When my students first pick up the Medicus, they can't make it work. We spend some time and within ten minutes or so, they've got it. We then move into what you'll see in this video. Please keep in mind most of my students hit weak shots to the right when I first see them. Usually after a one hour lesson, they are striking the ball like they have never done in their lives. They come to me because they have a problem. Once they understand "the concept", it's like a miracle. There is a bit more that I teach them and it mostly has to do with anatomy and bio-mechanics. It's very simple, basic stuff and that ties it all together. I understand you are a professional who has achieved a great record in a very short time. If spending a few minutes watching this video helps you out at all, and I do think it will, you just might hit that next level the way Tiger did with Butch in 2000. What Tiger learned back then isn't all that much different than what is in this video. What he accomplished after making this change speaks for itself. Thank you for taking the time to read this. I will be following you on the LIV (54) tour. Best of luck.

Jake Alberda says:

Fully committing to speed training and mastering Brysons ways. He's always teaching guests and sharing his knowledge. What a guy, Thank You!

Michael R says:

I need Bryson to physically force me into the correct positions in my swing too! No matter how many of these types of videos I watch or how many times I record my swing and watch back. I cannot get the feeling correct. It always feels like I'm doing what the video says but then I watch the playback and it's not even close lol

Ernie G says:

Thank you B! So much great info to work on.. will buy merch just for the lesson.

Frank Peraza says:

Great video Bryson, do you shift your weight on the backswing? Or do you keep your weight forward throughout the whole swing?

TEE REX says:

Best tips I've ever had! I've been a fan of Moe Norman's for years but couldn't get much club head speed until now. I put my weight on my lead foot, straightened my trail foot leg and while throwing the club toward the target, posted up hard on the lead. Much to my surprise, I found my Swingrite golf trainer took me from a difficult 5 setting to a relatively easy 2!!! For an old guy looking at 80, that's not too bad. Hope it translates to the course! Thanks and I'm looking forward to more of your vids!

Horst Kemp says:

Sooo good😊

K J says:

I know why training pros charge so much. Just watching someone trying to teach someone else the golf swing is massively frustrating, I couldn't imagine doing it for a living. The amount of patience much be incredible.

Matt says:

These swing videos are awesome!! Thanks so much!

Charles Kim says:

Bryson your the man! I lost my swing for a couple months and this video really brought back my game back, can't thank you enough.

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