Swing Left Through Impact Drill – Consistent Follow Through For Your Golf Swing

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Swing Left Through Impact Drill – Consistent Follow Through For Your Golf Swing

If you're looking for the most consistent delivery of the club through impact then you have to have it moving left. In this video Dan shares a quick drill that you can use to get the club to exit left through impact giving you a straighter line and a more consistent follow through.

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Tin Nguyen says:

Is there a vid on after impact follow through? Cheers

Pook Chad says:

Great drill. Makes for really solid contact, especially with the driver.

James Andresen says:

Dan, this changed everything, never knew about moving left through impact. Felt weird at first, but after an hour it started feeling better than ever. Been practicing this for a week now, my 7 iron average went from 145 yards to 160+ yards, virtually eliminated early extension and the slice, towering high shots, just incredible. Thanks so much! How come you're the only one telling us about this? One question, is this the same for driver and woods?

BestRainCloud says:

This drill has changed my understanding

Stephen Cutting says:

Your clubs must be tiny. Your bag is about 2 foot high? ?

John T says:

What do you think about the hands being directed to front thigh on downswing. Is this a good swing thought?

MrBrokentowels says:

Ive been swinging left now, around my body, and its so much easier but lost club face control, I didn't know the release for this type of swing, This is exactly what I should be working on!!! Thank you for uploading this vid!!!

xrayjay bigga says:

ah…. just what I needed… thank you!

phillip brown says:

It's a great drill dan my pro has me doing this and I have found now I am hitting the ball better and straighter Love it

Dkrin28 says:

This makes a lot of sense to me in order to get consistent club face at impact, but doesn’t it cause loss of distance?

Diwan S Rawat says:

Dan is really best reacher I have ever seen. Great guru of golf teaching

Topbloke Golf Vlogs says:

Very few slinging it down the line, …crossy u need to watch this vid

Keith Finley says:

hey Dan
thank you for these recent vids. they have been instrumental for my 15 year olds evolution. I have always swung like Steve Stricker but don't have the language to explain it. we are making great progress removing the John Daly from my sons swing.
deep respect.

Derrick Conley says:

I just wish I could swing it like Dan does at 2:15. He makes that look so normal and copying that rotational swing is so hard for me. Ugh.


great content man! I was struggling with some of the audio in this…idk maybe it's me but it seemed a little quiet

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