Swing like a tour player by using the right arm drill – with Dale Lynch

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Dale Lynch of BannLynchMcDade, demonstrates the right arm swing. The right arm swing is a great drill for golfer's of all levels, from beginner through to tour player.

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Duff Truffison says:

I have to disagree? The swing is not a throw action, it is a pressure release mechanism governed by resistance forces that manifest in acceleration. The centripetal force through the lead arm is crucial to final velocity and stability. A dominant right arm dissipates the centripetal force resulting in deceleration and loss of control/stability of the hands through impact. Forces rule/govern the swing.

Kalahari Safari says:

I should have known when he took 35 seconds to try and explain what he meant with the right hand that he is clueless. Watching the rest of the video confirmed my suspicion

Bill Mason says:

I'm sorry buddy, that wasn't very helpful at all

Tom Eldridge says:

I continued to fast forward looking for the meat but alas, only found boredom.

kidpoker007 says:

This looks like a Mike Austin swing where the hands are not held though impact but actually fold the opposite of what pros do

norrispg says:

Why would you prove your point by showing the least accurate player in the professional game?

Maple Brook Homes says:

"Conservation of Angular Momentum with an early wrist set using dorsal flexion of the trail wrist". Dante's Book explains this very well. The proper wrist bend is important.
Not up and down, but backward and forward. Set it early or late – probably doesn't matter much. Dante's book says early because all the work is done right away.

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