Swing SLOWER but hit the golf ball FURTHER. 99% of the BEST golfers do THIS!!!

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How would you like to swing slower but hit the golf ball further? Well 99% of the best golfers do what Ali will show you in this video to achieve just that.

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Snow Rider says:

It's so true! I was swinging at 122 top mph and hitting my 1wood 280 tops and not straight! Now slowing to 114+- I hit between 280 to 320 much straighter now and consistently! Lessons taking video showing me next to pros that swing like I do helped me fix this issue get better!

Bill Carney says:

This is great, can't wait to practice. Would it apply to hybrids as well? I'm guessing yes since you did with the 7wood.

Bob Smoot says:

Great lesson, I’ve had many of my friends who are good golfers say the same thing, swing slower go further

Sky Blu says:

With slow motions, it would have been interesting….

Tom W says:

Great video, your instruction technique is about perfect for me, comprehensive but easy to understand. BTW, I got here with a recommendation from "The Average Golfer" channel.

JayDubya says:

If you’re delofting a 7iron for smash factor why not just hit a 6iron? What are the other benefits of this method?

Kevin Lancki says:

I struggle with the same thing. This was the video I needed!

Christine Goulden says:

PS I use the half swing all the time now. As you demonstrated, you are partially locked unless you move the wrists to create the full swing.

Christine Goulden says:

I liked the first shot with the half swing, Ali. 135 used to be my norm in my younger days. I am 63 now and lost 10 yards due to age and swing speed. I have been messing about with my grip to compensate, trying the interlock, bassball, or the overlap idea. I have gone back to my original interlock. My club pro discovered that I was strangling the club yesterday lol . It was affecting the release. I was better this morning. Thanks for this.

My Swing - Julius Manalang says:

Great tempo

Joey Venegas says:

great, needed this into

Robert Yoakum says:

Why wouldn't a slower swingspeed player use a stiffer shaft instaed of changing their swing and not be flexible enough to take a full swing?

Thomas McCauley says:

Does this apply to the driver as well or is just irons?

Luke Hathaway says:

Wish I could hit the ball 130 yards 😂

Jim Wocha says:

A variation on the swing fast, stop short drill which I prefer. Delivers better results and is useable on the golf course. Pretty much how Fleetwood hits an iron.3/4 swing, hit hard into the ball then follow through short. Promotes good ball striking and is easy to implement.

JB Golf says:

No one swings slower to hit It further…. You should swing as fastest you can while staying in balance and hitting the center of the face…
Also if you have shaft lean you will have a bigger smash factor because you’re delivering less loft…

Swing as hardest you can while having shaft lean. Not slower!

Bill Santore says:

I really liked this video and makes perfect sense. But in reality though aren’t you just changing the angle of your 7 iron to be more that of a 5 iron. I know when I hit the ball like this it feels really good and I’m much more likely to take a nice divot in front of the ball. That’s the real advantage for me

RedBomber R45 says:

I'll try next round

T.K. Morris says:

As you explain this, it makes me recall all the times I pulled out a club to just swing it easy and actually hit it further than I wanted to. Now I understand. Thank you!

steve dickson says:

Excellent lesson. Thank you.

Clouds Rain says:

Tempo tempo tempo…….as usual spot on your videos. It definitly works. Don't rush the swing yet control it nicely, still discipline to maintain.

TeddyCavachon says:

It was the introduction of metal shafts which led Byron Nelson to develop the modern two-plane swing in the 1930s which allows a golfer to bend and load the shaft by pulling the hands down (with right side bend) at the top of the backswing which first maxes out radial deviation (thumb back to forearm) then bends and loads the club shaft like a leaf spring before changing the direction of the club mass.

That bending of the shaft, if maintained until just before impact, delivers much more compressive force to the ball. But to maintain that bend in the shaft the physics requires the hand to keep moving faster than the shoulder turn is moving the hand and club head together. That is accomplished by progressively increasing side bend as the hands drop, why with really good ball strikers you see their spines curving and head leaning out towards the ball at impact.

So that is why don’t want to swing the shoulders in the downswing any faster than you can side bend to keep the hands moving faster than the shoulders. If the shoulders catch up with the hands the bend created in the shaft at the top with “the magic move” which loads it disappears and with it the ability to whack the ball further and higher. Golfers with longer torsos / shorter legs than average for height an advantage because they can side bend easier and more. The more the golfer can side bend the faster they can move the shoulder while still keeping the hands accelerating faster than shoulders to maintain the bend in the shaft — applied physics.

Side bend is the real “magic move” because if the golfer is allowing the club force to pull the hands up to the top (not bench pressing with right arm) it is difficult to pull the right arm back down. But side bend can be done independent of shoulder turn which will work to pull the hands down while the club force is still pulling the club head to the top in the opposite direction — how to get optimal loading of the shaft.

Jonathan Pearce says:

The previous video on this topic along with the grip change has totally transformed my game went from never scoring lower than 90 to 85 in consecutive rounds thanks

Keith Lee says:

for irons, going far is not necessarily a good thing. Good players send ball high with a lot of back spin, so the ball will stay on the green.

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