Swing SLOWER but hit the golf ball FURTHER!!! All the best players do THIS

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Would you like to swing slower but hit the golf ball further like all the best players? Well in this video Ali will show you why you have lost distance or miss out of extra yards but most importantly how to correct it.

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Lennart Bernhoft says:

Yes I struggle bit time getting compression… Since I as 10 year old started playing golf. Still today, at 53 I struggle. Wonder if all my junior training back in the days, had focus on proper compression…think not.

John Sheffield says:

Oh, kind of like Jon Rahm. 😳 Just kidding, he's an exception.

Richard Little says:

So John Rahm should slow down his swing??

Edward Brown says:

Great tip..love it!

Ron Park says:

great swing teach love from Korea:D

Pete0027 says:

Was that the 18th at Herons Reach Blackpool?

GOD Bless you says:

I'm gonna be honest yes it's something I struggle with….. but I also struggle with putting the ball on the tee, so this might come in handy can finally bin the driver

Christian Dreyer says:

You are the first Person who describe the down swing perfectly.
Thank you sooo much.
Greetings from Cape Town

Stephen Roberts says:

I think someone needs to send this video to Bryson de Chambeau..

Justin Holmes says:

I tend to get quick with my swing. It's so hard to remember to get slower and smoother

eugenecod says:

hit the ball square
on the face and it
go further

Richie Bhoy says:

Why do you fake the ball landing in. Jesus wept. Pathetic. How are we suppose to take you seriously?

Jeffrey Youngblood says:

Slowing down my swing has been the single greatest change I've made. It improved everything. Aim, distance, takeaway, club path, follow through, and most importantly, my scores.

orviskid says:

I hit my irons great just no distance always chipping on. I can only club down so far.

Billbo Beaney says:

Love the tip played today before I watched you and was disappointed with my game,but after this I can see where I went wrong and will be taking it to the range

Daniel Cohen says:

Great advice, Ali! I pulled something in my back a few weeks ago. I took several days off and then played with my dad. I played from his tees, just planning on taking half swings and patting it around with him and seeing how my back felt. The ball was flying off the face with driver – straight, beautiful boring trajectory, lots of roll. I checked Arccos during the round and I was hitting the ball as far or even further than I usually do on that course. I normally hit a good drive around 240 and I had several that were 240 and more with the half-to-3/4 swings. Even better – I didn't have the high-on-the-face pop ups that I usually do. My strikes were just so much better. I think it's all about the sequencing. When you're planning on swinging slower, you naturally first bring it back slower. That sets the whole sequence up and gives everything time to unfold the way it's supposed to. If I have a wide, slow takeaway I have a better chance of letting that happen. Now if I could just remember that all the time!

45 In 2024 says:

Stronger grip will do the trick. Plus think about "throwing" the club to the target, not "hitting" the ball!!

Simon Heaven says:

Love this Moto. Swing slower – hit it further

Tim Fowler says:

Why do hit the ball fat?

S F says:

So when I tried what you said, I immediately introduced right hand manipulation which led to a significantly closed club face, and some serious manipulation to square the club face. If I was turning properly, then I would not have to manipulate my hands as much and I am square at impact and compressing the ball, even with a smooth tempo. Any thoughts on that? I know its hard to comment on a swing you haven't seen. Loved the instruction… just wanted to clarify so I could get it right. Thanks!

Mike Rodrick says:

If we high handicappers want to see effective, balanced, slower swings, start watching the female pros. The hit the ball better & farther than we do with effortless ease. You don't see them lashing at the ball, losing their balance in attempt to hit it as far as they can. There are a few power players in the women's game but not many. They rely on smooth tempo to get through the ball & hit it solid. Most male high handicappers can't let their egos in their cars where it belongs. They'd rather score worse by trying to be Chambeau & end up hitting 1 or 2 big ones all day rather than ease up because the rest of the group won't be impressed. What's impressive is your scorecard after the round when you beat them by 5 because of your smooth controlled swing.

Stephen Cooper says:

This makes all the sense in the world. I used to hit 7 iron 150 or so, now 130. Will surely try this drill. Thanks

Tailz says:

Yep, this is exactly what I’m working on at the moment with my coach. Some good tips and advice here. Will definitely try it out.

John Pietrolaj says:

I need to improve this! Thanks for walking us through it!

David Fisher says:

I seem to hit the ball clean so it doesn’t leave a divet when I take a divet it’s a duff shot thanks great vlog

Born upon a wave says:

1:50 did you mean to say “slower”. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Roger Westbrook says:

Wish you had a slow motion vid of your swing.

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