Swing the Club like a Single Digit Player (not guide it)

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If you want more pars, head here first, then circle back. Three-time major champion, Padraig Harrington shares an awesome tip @padraig_h on twitter (July 25th tip). He states, “if you can do this, you can play single digits..if you can't, there is an issue.”

I take his great tip to the next level by incorporating this flow into your golf swing. Start feeling the flow, today! You'll experience more athleticism. Less thinking…and yes… More Pars! So, let's get to it.

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Jean-Ann Cooper says:

I love these quick and spot on lessons! Thank you!

Tisane Culp says:

Love you! I'll take it to the range!

jmj5150 says:

wonder how that flow looks in a bikini

Robert K. says:

Alright, I’m a new subscriber and think your lessons are awesome. One question, what is your accent????? Another awesome video!

B Men says:

Hit some of my best drives yesterday doing this, thanks

Bill Jordan says:

I see people on the course all the time spend way too much time over the ball before finally swinging. Staying loose is good, but I do think you want to make sure your feet are set. I know Padraig experimented once with actually stepping into his swing, but I don't think he ever brought that to the course in competition. Anyway, thanks for the tips. By the way, if you do happen to hit the ball in your backswing from the fairway, I believe it counts as a stroke.

Mark Watson says:

You’re gorgeous

Todd Eukel says:

I understand the concept Paidrig is talking about, but the issue (with me) is the golf swing begins in a static, motionless position.

LangFamilyFarmsLA says:

I absolutely strike the ball more purely when I start my swing in motion, my question would be how do you translate this drill to the course? What would be a way to start the swing without the hover forward, but still not static?

Robert Hooles says:

Definitely going to try this method. Thanks

Lars Peters says:

Thumbs up!! The feeling of greatness!

TerriF says:

Love it! Fluid, loose, relaxed and natural, My playing partners are always bustin’ my chops about my little pre-shot dance, now I feel vindicated🤣

Stephen Goss says:

Just beautiful, period. Fit and fine.

Urban Antenna says:

OMG that swing at 3:39
was so sweet it made a lawn mower disappear 😱

Carlos Valderaduey says:

Many thanks Christina. I adore the easy and concrete drills you share with us. The athletic pre-movement is the first time I see it but will try next time in the course!!

brickman291 says:

Ima gonna try this wish me luck😬😬😬😬

Thomas Fraser says:

Hi Christina. Great drill; but is this legal under PGA rules during an actual game? Don’t think under that circumstance we can start our golf swing with the club head in front of the ball. Can we?

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