SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyser Review

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►SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer with voice feedback


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I deliver straight talking, easy to follow, honest, professional, calculated advice to all of my viewers from beginner to tour pro. This tried and tested method of coaching has helped many golfers achieve their personal goals and beyond.

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Eka E says:

I have been playing golf for around 2 decades, struggling to break 90. I was not able to achieve an exceptional round for the last 3-4 years till I finished reading these golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it). I have been striving with my irons (driver OK but not much distance).

J Hudson says:

Great review, very helpful Rick. Greetings from your American cousin in Canton, Georgia

Jayden Redd says:

These golf swing secrets “kaha shocking guide” (Google it) go over the golf swing in great detail. The book is based off of the swing model of all tour pros put together. I`ve read 1/2 of this book and the ideas are great. I have scored 3 straight low 80s rounds right after reading this book.

Paul Corey says:

Hi Rick, using this device with a 7 iron, I can generate 75-80mph. Any ideas on how to get into the 90's? Would you say that I'm starting the downswing from the ground up? Cheers fella!

Ruairi O'Boyle says:

Rick i am deabting between the likes of game golf or a swing analyser like this one. i started a couple of years ago and i am a high handicapper 28 and cant get the consistency into my swing putting myself in trouble too often and hence cant reduce my handicap at all. i have started working hard on the range and into a net at home hence the reason i thought the swing analysers would give me decent feedback when at the net. what would you recommmend my coach thought game golf would be more use than a swing analyser?

Mark Wisniewski says:

Has anyone compared this to Epson M-Tracer? I really like the idea of the "uncock" feature on the M-Tracer which gives you data on how well you are holding your lag prior to club release.

Tom Mulliner (Realist Artist) says:

There's been a new addition to this piece of kit since this video – you can get a sister app called Swingtalk Driving Range which estimates your ball carry too. (Even on practice swings without a ball). My only concern is that I'm worried the plastic insertion peg might snap one day. I think it should have been a metal peg.

Brian Guzzo says:

Would you be able to do a review of the new Swingtalk Driving Range app? Claims to be able to track ball distances, curious to see how close it is to a launch monitor. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

Kenneth Bower says:

Rick – Nice review. Have you by chance tested Swingbyte 2? Thanks, Ken

Keith Martin says:

I think this would be useful for me. I have one lesson a month and my pro gives me one thing to work on. The only trouble is that when I go to the range he isn't there and I can't see what is happening in my swing. Putting – I think I would try an alignment stick for my feet every time then at least you have a base point to work from. This thing about comparing it to GC2 doesn't matter to me. If it tells me I'm swinging in to out it or my swing speed is 70 miles an hour it at least gives me a basis to work from to improve. Now I've convinced myself all I've got to do is find the £126 to get one.

tatchy1001 says:

Have they stopped supporting the app on Apple devices?

Wanheda says:

Would have been helpful and interesting if you would have had the ST and GC2 going at the same time to see just how similar the numbers were between the 2 on each individual swing.

james bui says:

agree with the ending rick. i think this will help me practice the things my swing coach is trying to get me to learn. currently, i struggle with a slight early release and over the top, both of which stem from my tendency to overswing. a device like this will help me since i really have poor awareness of where i stop my backswing, and if i'm coming over the top. thanks for the review. i think i'll be picking one up!!!

Shot Shy Sheriff says:

7", shaft, cocking, face, swinging. This is just golf porn 🙂

Bryan Wierman says:

Lol! "7inches, we'll take it. "

Adam Woller says:

Hey Rick I purchased one of the swing talk devices and I find it very useful. But why is my tempo in the high 3s to low 4s?. Would love a response thanks

Iain Jevons says:

That looks really good. could start to really overload my brain with too many stats though.

JimmyJimmy says:

Pretty cool tech. Would be interesting to see if it gets more accurate through app updates

Glenn Darcy says:

where can I get one of these?

john uren says:

When you've finished with it can you send it to tiger ?

james mello says:

Just ordered one and seen this video. Lol thanks rick!

Yeongrak Hong says:

You can check out the details at http://www.swingtalkgolf.com/en/index.html
and purchase it on Amazon.com(http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00ZH04N2Y)
or Ebay. Pretty neat little thing.

hawkey100 says:

Rick, could you please do a review of the Ping G30 Hydrid 17 or 19 degree. Thanks

Wally17 says:

Have you used the Zepp Golf sensor?

Jason Warwick says:

I will be purchasing one of these for pure fact that I will use this every time I hit the range, and have a lesson. For £177 I've bought a lot worse for much more when I used to be a fisherman

Quantum Gamer says:

Zepp all day long

nap225 says:

I've been searching for something like this to monitor practice sessions.  While working with a coach, having data like this is vital to improving and I didn't want to invest in something as expensive as trackman/gc2.  I agree with Rick that this shouldn't be used by itself, but for $150 this seems to be a good investment.  I immediately went to buy one after watching this video.

MikeBingo1 says:

7 inches… Ladies…

Cian Murphy says:

Zach Johnson what's in the bag!

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