Swingyde Clubface Control

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SWINGYDE Golf Swing Training Tool | Includes Instructional DVD | The Original – Made In Australia, Beware of Imitations

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The Golf Swing Weekly Fix Swingyde Clubface Control and Chicken Wing with Mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru PGA Professional. Mark talks in this weeks show about how teaching aids like the Swingyde can help your practise sessions and golf game. Mark helps more golfers with their swings, helping with club face control on the backswing and the ever ocular fault the chicken wing. Mark helps golfers from around the world with simple and easy to follow golf instruction and lessons.

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Gary Allen says:

There is a golf aid by  powerpackage.com that is similar and looks like two swingydes in one. One side goes to your right forearm and the other sider goes to your left forearm. I had a problem with taking my driver back too much on the inside and getting stuck. The Powerpackage  helped fix  that problem. I put it on a driver and swing very slowly to feel the motion and also if I don't swing correctly the plastic part can either hit your forearm or  miss the forearm altogether-I don't want to swing hard or fast with this. It is more too develop the right feel of the swing.

Jean Jr Brisebois says:

Is that good for wood 1?

walter a heller says:

great video ?

Alex Luebbert says:

Hey, I'm having trouble connecting son the follow through, and when I do I feel my club face is open. Any advice?

Joel Wesley says:

Great instruction, great teaching aid. I’m really learning something here!

Yelnik McGwawa says:

Corner – Corner – Flat – Corner

Derek Wilson says:

A ghost opened that small door

Cudjoe Wms says:

Mark, the only swing aid that Tiger Woods has ever suggested using is a weighted club. Would you please consider doing a brief video on the proper use of a weighted club?

I use my Momentus Weighted Swing Trainer with the Swingyde attached around the house and it helps a lot since I don't always have the time to make it to the range.


Rodolfo Valadez says:

Hello sir. I have a couple of questions to ask you. The first question is what training aids do you recommend? Why I ask? I consider myself a beginner and I only have 2 months of experience and don't know much about what products work. Second question how do you go about finding a top notch golfing coach? I see a lot of reviews of a variety of pga coaches and what concerns me is that most of the reviews are by novices.And what does a top notch golfing coach look like? And I just thought about it what does a good coaching SESSION look like?

Chris Downing says:

Check out Jim Waldron's videos – he also suggests using this aid to help achieve what he teaches – up and down cocking – not sideways hinging and left wrist breakdowns.

McKayla Jones says:

Video is ok — there are actually several things you can use this golf aid for that you didn't mention. This golf aid also allows you to check if you have the right grip ect…. Lots of things you didn't mention – you should do your research if you really consider yourself an expert in explaining how golf swing aids work.

CoastaMonsta says:

I hate this thing… It's probably good to use , but when you do it wrong it hurts like hell because it's pretty much a stick of plastic being stabbed into your forearm…

Ian Simcox says:

4:46 Clangggggg off a pole. Get a swingyde to that golfer

Zack Morgan says:

Great Vid! 

supergolfdude says:

Nice lesson here, Crossie. I'm going to work on this tonight.

Made In Machines says:

Thanks. I have no idea what's going wrong with my swing as I don't have eyes in the back of my head and don't really know how a correct swing should feel. I've got a huge terrible slice – just with my driver and long irons really. It seems to be much worse in play than at the range for some odd reason. Sometimes putting a pack of cigs about 0.5m behind my ball helps. It's really ruining my enjoyment of golf and I don't want to spend £20 for half an hour on lessons.

Torsten Nielsen says:

Can Swingyde be used to develop more lag?

Dennis Whitaker says:

My problem has been swinging with a closed club face and not hinging the club. I was told by one PGA pro to get the Swingyde and "get the little flange onto my forearm as fast as possible" in the back swing. Feels very wristy to me. What do you think?

alwill says:

Excellent communication. Clear instruction. Well done mark.

Rudy Singh says:

Simple and clear. Makes a lot of sense.

UcanThnkItuCanDoit says:

When you are making contact with the ball, all or most of your weight is on your back foot. try to tee the ball lower and throw your weight from back to front foot, with a turn, not a sway.

Steve Sur says:

Hi Mark–love your site and lessons!!! Just got the Swingyde a day ago and it is great. It is a really simple tool to use and it works!!

Noah Schneider says:

what if you don't open or close the club face when you hit, missing your target is just as simple as you weren't aiming in the right spot, should i still get the swingyde thing, cause i don't have a problem, at least i don't think i do, should i or not

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