Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid | 5 Drills

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Swingyde Golf Swing Training Aid. This video shows you 5 drills using the Swingyde golf swing training aid which can play a vital role in improving your swing path and get you using your hands more efficiently.

Endorsing the Swingyde Training Aid is my decision. I receive no kickbacks or financial reward from it. I just believe in the product.

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Scott Shields says:

I have one of these it's simple to use and useful, I use it to fight an overswing.

David Sheats says:

Good video. Got this device and now have no excuses!

Adam Docking says:

Best device ever! So glad, Golf Doctor, you recommended me buying one. The device fixes more than just swing path, it accentuates other faults which can easily be corrected.

chillaz3000 says:

Great video mate. I have one just sitting in my cupboard, but now I have other ways to use it.Thanks

Cole Watson says:

Hey Bryan I brought one about a month ago I think it really helps my swing. Went down to the cricket field today to try the new grip, was a bit weird feeling at the start but got use to it and it seems like it really going to help me. Cheers Doc

David Leigh says:

Morning doc.
Never used a Swing guide but will seriously consider getting a genuine one for practice now.
Thanks for the heads up on this product.

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