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SWINGYDE Golf Swing Training Tool | Includes Instructional DVD | The Original – Made In Australia, Beware of Imitations

The Original Unique Training Aid From Australia!

Dan is an absolute training golf aid addict, if it's out there he probably owns it.

In this video Dan looks at one of his absolute favourite training aids, the Swingyde. This lightweight, inexpensive piece of kit can do an awful lot to help your backswing…

If you're interested in learning more about the modern rotational golf swing… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hCrLL…

Website: http://www.danwhittakergolf.com/
Email: dan@danwhittakergolf.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/danwhittaker…
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dwhittakergolf
Instagram: @dwhittakergolf

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Zen Master says:

I bought one and I don’t go anywhere without mine. Changed my game dramatically. Love it. Highly recommended it. 10/10

admin says:

Brilliant tool got me back on track 🙂

David Thompson says:

Training aids are so much fun and a good laugh at times . Can buy a cheap version of the above for about £3. if you want to give it a go

LankyLoon55 says:

Great video. Thank you very much.

Varun Sood says:

I have bought it to practice the positions while not playing as I seem to forget those during rounds of play. Will share the feedback as things go along

Maxwell Channon says:

Would this be useful to someone who had a slightly bowed left wrist ie dustin Johnson or is that just a different type of swing?

darnoc212121 says:

Do you have a video using the orange whip?

Thørr Bjornssen says:

Yo is his studio haunted?

russell lastinger says:

It sounds like your whispering

Brian Bender says:

Does it work for a driver as well?

Fred Marquez says:

I knew it was a shitty gimmick

Patrick KnowEletronics says:

Why you talk so fucking funny mate ??

Jamar Walter says:

I'm going to try this hope it's worth it

Nicholas Furore says:

Can this be used to fix a slice?

Kevin Anderson says:

Thank you for this video. I took mine off, and could not remember how to set it up properly. I had mine to far down the shaft, and your video fixed that!!!!!

Thørr Bjornssen says:

1:07 spooky stuff flying around

loopistar says:

steve sibbald

miker dee says:

I don’t really think so.

Matt Roberts says:

Can you adjust the position of the tool if you have a closed face at the top? I’m using it to ensure my wrist set stops at 90.

AddictedToGolf says:

Should it match up with anything on the follow through ? ? ??‍♂️

Todd DelGiudice says:

seems like you would need to adjust it if you use a strong grip?

Ian Knight says:

Sorry, it looks like an overpriced piece of junk.
When I first started watching the video I thought it was in a foreign language! Hard to follow sometimes.?

Jon LaLanne says:

Great video very helpful thanks, however do you have subtitles for Americans ?????

Alex Luebbert says:

Hey, I'm having trouble connecting son the follow through, and when I do I feel my club face is open. Any advice?

Christian Foster says:

Hi Dan,

Thanks for putting together this video. Does this device also help players get in the right position at the top of their swing?I have a bad habit of going across the line at the top of my backswing due to excess turn with my hands and wrist. Looking for something that literally will prevent me from making that move.

Thanks again.


Can I use it on my driver & 3 wood

Dave Deluhery says:

Good vid, would like to see more on the follow through or finish position, thanks for your efforts.

Adam Smith says:

spot on reveiw dan, bought one, used it every time before i golf and its helped me out big time. Cheers

Mike B says:

Nice that you get your wrists set, however once you've created the lag how long are you trying to maintain contact with the tool for in the downswing?

Michael Meredith says:

Couldn't understand a word of that.


Great review, any putting AIDS you'd recommend?

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