Taylor Made Burner 09 Irons Reviewed

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http://www.4golfonline.com/taylormade-m-37.html Mark Crossfield hits the Taylor Made iron. watch and se how it could help your golf with extra power in the Burner 09 Design.

37 thoughts on “Taylor Made Burner 09 Irons Reviewed

  1. I got my clubs stolen and I am now looking for some new ones. I have been
    playing 8 years and I am in between the Burner Plus irons and the Callaway
    X-24 irons. I am also looking for a putter and a driver. Anyone have any
    recommendations ?

  2. I have been playing the R-7 draws and like them a lot – tried my “free” 6
    iron that I got in the promotion and REALLY liked it a lot – Now I don’t
    know what to do except I don’t want to hit the six any more because it is
    wrecking me! I am about a 20 hcap

  3. I bought Burner 09 irons after a long layoff from golf. After trying most
    every club on the market, I like the Burners the best. I would suggest
    getting clubs fitted to your height and arm length.

  4. Mark, iam just a beginner and i am thinking of buying the Taylormade Burner
    1.0 irons should i buy these irons, are the forgiving, are they easy to use
    or should i go for irons such as Benross, Wilson or even Callaway
    irons.What should i do? Thanks.

  5. I baught the Burner 09’s a couple of days ago, pleased so far, couldn’t hit
    so well at first but i have just taken the step up from ladies clubs to
    mens as I am only 14 and I am also only a Handicap 25. Struggled slightly
    at first on the range, hit a few well, but as soon as i got out onto the
    course I improved a lot and hit pretty well with them. But we’ll see if
    they do the job when I go out onto the course in the Monthly Medal. So far
    i love them, very powerful and forgiving clubs!

  6. I am 14 so i dont have alot of money and i was looking for irons for under
    300$ i was looking at these and i am about to purchase…. Any comments

  7. I held the X-22’s at Dicks and I didn’t seem to like them at adress. The
    irons are very weirdly shaped. not like traditional ones like i like. I
    think I am going to get the 2009 Tp Taylormade irons

  8. Bought these to replace my titleist dci’s from about 1997, the difference
    is huge, I stopped playing the game for 5 years and came back to it, got a
    diablo edge driver & hybrid and these irons. They are really long, fly high
    and straight and stop nicely on the greens, they also feel really solid and
    sound great when struck, they helped me shoot a 79 a couple of weeks ago.

  9. For those people who play really good i dont reccomend you get the burner
    09 irons, get the r9 tp’s or r9 , burner 09 has a little bit thick face and
    a really wide so allows ball to go high distance and also feels very nice
    when you hit with.. burner 09 is for people who just started playing not
    like beginners but people who started playing for 3 years or 4 or over !

  10. @4golfonline May not be possible, but would be great to see you test some
    Wilson Ci7 irons. Interesting because everything I see online in blogs
    people rave about the distance and feel and choose them over Taylormade
    Burner irons….all at a far less price. Thanks for the vids…nice swing.

  11. I have just bought a 5-SW set of Burner 09 Irons for £125 in good condition
    , I hope these work better than my old Dunlop Irons , now I have a decent
    handicap I thought it would be better to upgrade my irons , looking forward
    to whip these out.

  12. I`ve tried both. The 1.0 s are way more powerful. If you can find a set
    with shafts to match YOUR swing, you can`t go wrong. The 2.0 s look great,
    are pretty good but a little disappointing compared to the originals IMO.

  13. @Harz77 Yes I would, they are great clubs and pretty forgiving in my
    opinion. You can hit great distances aswell! I baught them from American
    Golf for £300, so I would recommend you buy from there.

  14. You’re swinging easier with the Mizuno iron. Of course the TM is going to
    go futher. The second swing with the Mizuno was closer to your swings with
    the TM iron and the results were similar. Distance does’nt really matter
    with irons anyway….accuracy/consistency is what you want in an iron.

  15. Could you to demo the Nike VR full cavity irons. I am interested in
    purchasing a new set of irons but cannot decide which iron set to buy. I
    enjoy the video’s very helpful/interesting, keep up the good work.

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