Taylor Made Drivers 2012-2020: Will Modern Tech Win?

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In today's video, I'll find out which TaylorMade driver head from 2012-2020 is longer! Randomly grabbing a head, I'll hit 2 with each driver in my current gamer shaft… longest carry wins!

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Andrew Jensen says:

HUGE thanks to MANSCAPED for sponsoring this video ! Get the NEW Lawn Mower 3.0 trimmer for 20% OFF + Free Shipping with code ANDREW20 at https://www.manscaped.com

Doc Hollywood says:

So basically all the selling points of the new drivers always being longer and longer are all a bunch of BS. Fix the swing ppl.

Johnny Pon says:

Old tech better

Kenneth J says:

Didn't see the M6 taylormade

Rick Guzman says:

I feel R1 should have had the same chance at more Hits… ?


Wait wat u don’t have light in ur toilet?

Thomas Retallick says:

Dude your all over the place!! Your not consistent enough to know pick one whatever

BF golf says:

I have the original m1, I like it pretty well and get good performance but have getting the itch a little bit to get a new driver here lately. Do you think upgrading to the sim would be much of a difference? I know the sound would improve. I dont like the look of the bottom of sim, but may be able to overlook it for a performance and feel upgrade.

สุวัฒน์ บูรโสถิกุล says:

You missed M2 and RBZ stage 2

Billy W says:

R1 still the winner

Always Cumming says:

The end killed me. I still use the R11s. I hit the s$$t out of it but finally looking to upgrade. Great video!

saintcruzin says:

Fun vid, I subbed…Greetings from Santa Cruz. I love my SIM MAX but getting fit is key…

mharri333 Harrison says:

Nothing like taking a 1 minute break to talk about shaving your balls in the middle of a golf video…

gary wu says:

Good job….love to do what you were doing, but my low back wouldn’t let me ……haha haha haha

Rowan Steele says:

AJ hook me up with that TM gear!! U the man.

Glen Brige says:

Can't believe you didn't have the 2016 M2…one of the most sought after models in the used market..Nice vid tho

Wes Boothe says:

Had the R15, I loved that driver!

Nanle Danat says:

Can you send out the older heads to Nigeria? Help out a brother in need

Golf_is_a_Happy_Place says:

That was so much fun, good seeing those heads against each other, always wondered why I changed the R1.. also had the SLDR, R15, M2, but living happily with the M6 still…

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