taylor made speedblade iron review

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Taylormade Speedblade irons,Taylormade Rocketbladez irons


The NONO says:

the length of the speedblades and rocketblades are the same on the spec

gareth benson says:

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Joel Conley says:

I ordered these at standard length (as in 37.75″ 5 iron) and 2 degrees weak
and Dynamic Gold X100 shafts. Even with standard specs, without all the
“beginner distance enhancers” like longer shaft, stronger loft etc. they
are still LONG and forgiving. Great iron head here everybody.

RB Ganon says:

The speed blades go down 5 degrees for by every club so the P-A wedge is a
50, P wedge is 45 9 iron is 40 and so on. So yes, each club is really one
club longer than the norm. (9 irons are usually 45 degrees, 8 iron is 40
etc…) This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, it’s definitely a bit of
a publicity stunt so that people actually think it’s the technology thats
launching the ball farther but if you have a variety of wedges for the
shorter shots it’s not a horrible concept. I personally would prefer
hitting an iron into a 210 yard shot as opposed to a 5 wood or hybrid for
more accuracy and control but that’s just me. 

Mox_au says:

i normally take an extra 1/2″ on my clubs, would you recommend keeping that
on these irons?

James Maloney says:

Great review, I finally upgraded my 16 year old TM Super steel irons with
these. They are longer than other irons I tested by a few yards, but was
sold on the feel and look at address. Cheers

MacClellandMan says:

Measured by loft, perhaps in traditional terms, yes. It is more a 3i than a
5i. Measured by launch angle, no, not a 3i. A bladed 3i is not as easy to
get up. If TM used a traditional loft in the SB 5i, the flight would

lewis barker says:

Its a 3 iron not a 5 iron. That’s why it goes longer! Just another money

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