TaylorMade 2017 M2 vs 2018 M4 | Irons Test | Golf Monthly

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► Watch GM Technical Editor Joel Tadman test the new TaylorMade M4 iron up against its predecessor the M2 iron to see if any extra performance can be gained from upgrading

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Steve Rager says:

And what most people don't know is the m2 face was caving in and cracking so they fixed that with the m4 and reinforced the face.

J D says:

Tm each year increases loft for extra distance

Andy Flynn says:

So based on a one club review (7i), the recommendation is to change from the last generation model. Was this an advert, because it sure felt like it!!

degorovi says:

The look kind of reminds me of the R9 iron which was one of my favorites. I had the R9 TP and it was a sweet set. I wish I had not sold them.

Justin Stephenson says:

Interesting. I bought M1s last year as I could not stop the M2s on the green. M4 gives more height, steeper descent angle, more spin and in theory should be easier to control – and goes even further!!


The Rookie Mistake says:

Difference could be different shafts. It’s no good comparison if you don’t spec them both the same

Jay Chung says:

Wow that’s a pretty significant difference.

Charlie Pereira says:

What was the swing speed for both

Gary Tailby says:

What day did you test these?

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