TAYLORMADE 2021 DRIVER | Is this it?

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In this video Rick Shiels PGA golf professional shows what he believes to be TaylorMade Golf’s driver for the 2021 season.

I’m 2020 TaylorMade launch the SIM & SIM Max drivers that we used on The PGA Tour & The European Tour. Golfers such as Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Jason Day and Matt Wolff all use the TaylorMade SIM drivers.

Rick explains why the driver he has is probably going to be TaylorMade’s golf driver for 2021.


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Evan Murphy says:

That is very very true. Good facts right here

Chet LovesMer says:

Hey Rick, Little did any of us know that right after this video would be made golf would experience it's biggest boom in history thanks to the Corona Virus. I'm watching this video right after TaylorMade announce that 2020 was it's best year in company history. Such a good year, in fact that the company that bought them 3 years ago is going to try to sell them for 4 times what they paid for them.

FrancoFan says:

well boy was he wrong

Bryce Buza says:

Looking back through your videos and just watches your review on the sim 2. You were spot on Rick!

Grant Vicknair says:

Well he technically wasn’t totally wrong

Joseph Meacham says:

Well, this didn’t age well.

Rich Rubel says:

Love all your videos. I have to say here in Chicago , Il people are playing so much it's hard to get a tee time and there are no deals out here. The part that upsets me is all these people playing golf just because there is nothing else to do. But once this craziness is over they will stop playing. Keep the videos coming.:)

William Harrison says:

lol basically the exact opposite of this has happened. Golf is more popular than it's ever been- rounds in North America up nearly 30%, golf equipment sales up almost 35% (!), TM literally can't keep its new irons on the shelves…oh and the SIM 2 is release in a few weeks. Surprised he hasn't deleted this yet.

Brian McGinty says:

My course (northeast US) and most others have had more play than they ever had.

CD Golf says:

Stop the cap

Antti Talasterä says:

Worst click bite recoew from you, ever.

martydoc says:

So this aged well……….. ?

Nevermore says:

John Rham U there

Rob van Westing says:

Well Rick, who would have thought, the moment you put this video online, that golf courses (in the Netherlands) are super-crowded this year. For next weekend once again it is completely full. I hope you guys in the UK are enjoying the golf courses like we do. Stay healthy and keep playing! And keep watching Rick's enjoyable video's!

Bryan Hylok says:

Gonna proclaim u fucked up yet Rick? Tm just had 2 show up on rba and stuff. So they will have 2 new ones out very sooon, And here in usa. Golf in’s creased bigtime because its only thing u can do So any comment to that?

Bryan Hylok says:

why?? Cobra releasing new one already Ping is coming soon Siirixon did and so on so i guess your wrong here really

phil foley says:

Aussie golf courses have never really been closed.

Billy W says:

Do you have any news on the Sim2 I'm hearing about… Looks like tiger has it in his bag

Karl Cremin says:

Seems it won’t be their driver for 2021 with the new Sim 2 on the way.

David Kidd says:

My experience does not confirm this video! I had a fitting for a new driver on 5th September, and went for a TaylorMade SimMax 12.5 degree, with a special shaft…..This was ordered on 7th September 2020, it is now 10th of December, and I still do not have a new driver!! It seemsTM oversold this model, and had to place fresh orders with their factory, and still I wait……

jaseface6868 says:

Click bait Rick ?

Cecil Walker says:

Thanks Rick

Adam Nichols says:

Hi Rick.. i’m not sure if this is relevant but what happened to the tailor-made RBZ black that was on sale for £130? I’ve tried finding it and can’t find it anywhere??

Joe Bluhm says:

I'd love to see you test the Taylormade M Gloire Driver.

benjamin abdu says:

But there sold out and have no new re order …on normal sym..only sym max.. so i guess something new is coming

Brandon S says:

Oppps golf gear can't stay on shelfs. Golf has blown up!!!!

Mike Truran says:

Apparently Rick does not know anything about Golf in the US. Rounds are up 40%, anything to do with Golf is SOLD OUT. Equipment is backordered until next year, heads, grips, shafts are all on short supply. Covid has kickstarted Golf in the US again.

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