TaylorMade Aero Burner Fairway

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TaylorMade Aero Burner Fairway reviewed by Mark Crossfield. See if the new Taylormade Aero Burner can help you improve your fairway wood play with its wings and all. This is a honest golf club review from Mark Crossfield and his real club reviews with real ball data. Play your best golf with some greta golf clubs in your bag.

34 thoughts on “TaylorMade Aero Burner Fairway

  1. I wouldnt wait for the jury, i think they died of shock. Its supposed to be
    a fairway wood, you want to hit it from the grass, you want a nice high
    flight and you want it to fill the right gaps in your clubs, its not a
    driver. People make mini-drivers for people who want stuff performing like
    that and this is not a mini-driver. Are you sure you read the blurb
    correctly, maybe its for use under water ;-)

  2. It would seem that this is a club for hi/mid to high HCers, pretty much
    none of whom are concerned with a 3 wood shot being able to hold a green.
    If they (me included) are hitting a 3w into a green, 100% of the concern is
    for getting it there, and 0% on holding. I regularly play with several
    high-teens HCers and I can’t remember the last time I saw any of them hit a
    3 wood into a green and having it ‘hold.’ I’ve seen a few roll up there,
    sure. Anyway, just a thought.

    Also, fin. :)

  3. im interested in the aeroburner driver. im all for grip it and rip it tech.
    let your swing do the talking. all the little nick nacks on clubs can only
    help so much. if your going to buy a club for those nick nacks, save your
    money and get a lesson..

  4. Mark, I recently had a driver and 3 wood fitting at Titleist Celtic Manor.
    Trackman revealed that I consistently swing with a club path negative (- 6
    degrees was my average) and with the spin axis positive numbers ( +8 was my
    average). The chap there said I was opening the face to compensate for my
    swing path.
    Despite this I had a very good smash factor so my driver distances are
    around 230 carry but I’m losing lots of yards and the shot shape (moving
    out to the right) is getting me into all sorts of trouble on the course.
    Can you help?

    Nick, Walsall.

  5. When Mark hit the first ball, I made the exact same groan/gasp… at the
    exact same time. That is VERY loud and, as such, would stop it from going
    in my bag. Just my $0.03 (adjusted for inflation). 

  6. Mark, you rock. Is there a way you could do a review of the new Srixon Z745
    irons? I have just bought them, after extensive testing, and they are the
    greatest irons I’ve ever hit. Would be nice to hear what you have to say
    about them

  7. Great vid, nice to see a flummoxed Crossfield. Think you’re gonna need to
    bring some reasonable clubhead speed to cope with that spin model.
    Therefore a 4 or 5 wood may suit the slower swingers. You would think with
    the R-range that would appeal to your mid-low hcaps and this is for the
    mid-high but maybe TaylorMade have dropped the ball slightly and made a
    club that won’t suit them?? Hmm, loft up?

  8. At the very max your gonna use this club 4 times a round for the purpose of
    holding a green on a par 5!! So that wouldn’t be the most important thing
    about this club. The fact that you can use it for a more controlled driver
    and also get the length on longer par five second shots is the key!

  9. Just picked up the 5 wood. I have a bit of a forward press to my grip on
    this club so it actually sits square. Love love love it. Tested both this
    and the R15 and did not feel the adjustability was totally necessary so
    this was the winner. My first 5 wood so not much to compare it to but a
    wonderful club for me in the 220-225 range

  10. The pushers out there may not be too displeased with the slightly closed
    face. Again, topic of do draw biased clubs work thread rears its head. Not
    reopening old ideas, it’s a current and constant design idea that does need
    to be conversed about. #enlightenthemasses

  11. I had a callaway diablo 3 wood that was closed face.. When i hit it, it was
    great, but the miss hits were snap hooks or tops because my set up was
    really different. Wouldn’t want to have a club like that again to be honest.
    Obviously all the club’s fault for me stonking a few out of bounds.

  12. 1 2 3 golf!! hehe nice review 🙂 Not sure about the direction from TM with
    this club though. How are you going to get the ball to stop on greens
    without the trajectory & spin? I suppose you could use it off the tee as a
    driver substitute, but TM have a mini driver for that…

  13. I’ve got a Taylormade RBZ hybrid that has a closed face and I agree with
    Mark that its annoying to look down at address. Also, it’s the only club
    in my bag in which I have to pay extra attention to the direction of my
    shot….can’t wait to buy a new hybrid once I have some extra money.

  14. This is the first club from TM that is ACTUALLY hit 15 yards further than
    my current 3 wood. Moved from a Titliest 913 FD to this a couple days ago
    and this thing is deeeeeeeep. Low spin and rolls for days! 

  15. Mark, as you said you are confused with this club why not compare it with
    the old superfast burner (which I currently game) for comparison to see if
    the tech makes any difference . Or one from another brand.

  16. I have read the TP version isn’t closed at address and has a .335 shaft
    instead of the .350 in the standard, worth an extra $80 USD? questionable

    be interested to see you test one of the higher lofted ones – you’ve said
    before with the SLDR that loft gives you confidence, maybe a 17-19deg 3
    wood could do the same?

  17. I think its a great club for people who might not be that long and use it
    for just pushing the ball further down the fairway, but i see problems for
    the longer player stopping it on the green. Great club either way!

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