TaylorMade Aero Burner Iron

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TaylorMade Aero Burner Iron reviewed by Mark Crossfield PGA professional AskGolfGuru. Mark and Steve Buzza hit and talk about the Aero Burner irons from TaylorMade golf. See what happens if you hit maybe one of the strongest golf irons on the market. Can the strong lofts of the Aero Burner help you play better golf and improve your golf game.

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Tr33fiddy says:

In the slowmo replays, Buzza disappears #vampireBuzza

Scott Glennie says:

Good review lads! Basically all of these strong irons is to help the
average golfer get the ball up and give them comfort thinking wow I can hit
a 6 iron 170 yards!! Great idea as they are really nice to hit and give you
confidence! Not for me though! Cheers ⛳️

Davide Ciccoritti says:

Ridiculous!! That low launch is ridiculous!!

DjSidewayz07 says:

Hey where’s the fin?!? lol.. Yeah I agree with you Mark.. I have the
Aeroburner driver and the original burner irons, and if switching to these
would make all or most of my clubs go longer I think it would be annoying
to have to gap test them.. That’s why I use my 30 year old Taylormade 3W
because I hit it well and it fits in my bag.. Anyways, love the vids as

David James says:

Wow! I thought my Cleveland CG16’s were strongly lofted, but that 6 iron is
a beast!

Maximilien Jacobs says:

Yeah here hit with this 6 iron it goes massive long No no it is not because
its a 4 iron with the number 6 on it.
You see you hit massive long now you own me $1000 you are welcome!

Chris Diana says:

That censor circle should follow steven around the next course vlog. JK we
love the buzza and his Holywood Hair!

Rob barker says:

Buzza’s face at 3:50 is pure joy

Richard Burrows says:

Seen similar comments about the Callaway XR irons. Being a 5’2″ shortarse
my current X22 Tours are 2 degrees flat and 1″ shorter than standard. My
concern is if 6iron is the new 4iron, is it as easy to hit as the 6iron on
my set?

mick mueller says:

Buzz didn’t shank a single one :). Great review. As always. I will keep my
09 Burners. They seem to be going backwards. Taylormade, that is. This one
is too chunky.

Ross Callaghan says:

Do you feel these are going to be the benchmark for manufacturers Mark?
Could this be a Concord moment for golf?! Maybe now the R&A will allow
clubs to go longer, and all companies will be producing 200 yard 6 irons…

Sako Manoian says:

no fin?

Callum Ferguson says:

What irons do you use Mark?

Stephan Jepards says:

Loving it!! Great review. Highly entertaining :-D

Simon Hudd says:

#chunkylove #slotaclocknotslotsalicious

xShadowWolfe says:

it will be interesting in a few years from now at Taylormades pace, when a
6 iron is lofted like a 2 or 3 iron. And then you need 6 wedges on the back
end because a 9 iron is really a 6 iron. 

Martin Jobst says:

the new shaky transition causes me headaches 😉 

Richard Geden says:

Great vid as always, I was at the range when you filmed it! Wanted to come
and say hello but you were too busy chatting and filming!

Tom Hobbs says:

Mark, during the summer months I am looking to hit an 8 iron 150yds, so 6
iron means 174 or thereabouts. I have seen someone,admittedly a ‘Pro’ hit
an off the shelf 6iron 256 yds. I just don’t understand what TM are doing,
unless they want me to change my wedges and Utility clubs. Think I will
keep what I know,even tho’ I am looking to change

Steve Fowler says:

hopefully not a Nike sequel

Jason Kavanagh says:

Lol, feel dirty cos you like it.
Is that orange whip training aid in the bag behind?
Could you do a review about it and if you’d recommend? 

Hayden Fredrickburg says:


JAG sixtyfive says:

‘6 Iron like a 4 iron’. I think I will have to have a day off work
tomorrow. Me and Crossfield actually agree for once about something!!!
Jeez, I feel dizzy!!

Mike Sobczyk says:

Mark you’ve always made great videos and I have watched them since day dot
as you say. Just constructive feedback pal. You’ve carved out an awesome
niche for yourself and to start messing about on reviews with your mates –
it kinda waters down the great stuff you’ve always produced.

It’s not about me sounding fun or somber as you suggest, just that the 121
videos you’ve always made feel a lot more special and connect more
intimately with the viewers. Couple of friends of mine also said the same.

Being around mates changes us and to bring it into your videos kinda takes
away from the good stuff you’ve always filmed. I’ll keep watching but i
will always prefer the 121 you made. Your mates add value on the golf
course videos just not so much on the review videos.

You’re good at what you do, and it is already fun enough with your mate
standing awkwardly next to you.

Vici Martynov says:

Ooooh now you are for it Mark, gosh what venom I got for suggesting clubs
that are too strong mess up your gapping. Well so what, sensible TM
customers will buy the sensible irons TM make and customers who like
flattery will buy these; as will customers of all the other makes. If
people want them manufacturers will make them and why not? You pay your
money and take your choice he he

Titleisttom1338 says:

Taylormade does this with all of their new lines. SLDR driver and fairway
were a major success, gets matching irons; Jetspeed driver and fairway,
gets speedblade irons; same with Rocketballz. Been doing this for years
now. I’ve never liked Taylormade’s irons for multiple reasons, but mostly
because I don’t think that they put as much R&D into their irons (excluding
RSi) as their drivers and fairways.

mike hunt says:

Trash utter trash 

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