TaylorMade Aero Burner Tour Fairway

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Vici Martynov says:

Hmmm was that designed by Lego – seriously, its a great club but it is sort
of a solution to a problem that nobody has. I get mini-drivers but this
isn’t one, its a 3 wood. I mostly use a 3 wood as a driver but, what i like
is it is high launch and I can get that from the deck and tee. We don’t all
play on links courses, we have trees, streams and stuff to get over. If i
want brute force and ignorance low down a clear fairway I will use my
driver. I cant really see what I would use this for. It is a nice club that
seems to have little purpose.

sean craig says:

Did mark hint that they’re going to come out with a mini aero burner

Skopey says:

Low spin, low height, lots of run – would this be one you might put in your
bag for a long links course but swap out for a more spinny high flighted 3w
when back into parkland?

Adam Flynn says:

It’s taylormade they will come out with 7 versions of everything they can
think of

Kyle Walker says:

I would be tempted to try it if it wasn’t for the white head which is a big
turn off for me looks wise

PabloShmablo says:

+Mark Crossfield TM does make the AeroBurner TP in a HL version – 16.5* vs.
15* and same shaft length of 43.25″ and other specs. This might be worth a
try for you, aha.

john anderson says:

I recently hit the 16.5 off the deck 267 total distance which is monstrous
for me. Its insanely long.

kyle fairbanks says:

Stop making fun of the fin it’s trying its best hahaha Great video mark.

drewbiedrewbie says:

Hah, you trying not to laugh at the fence hit. 

BANDANA960 says:

Jason day and Dustin Johnson love this one apparently! 

stephen childs says:

Mark, lets see Buzza smash this one out of the park!!!!

Moritz Bünger says:

You HAVE to try this in the 3HL, it might be perfect for you

Welsh TourDrivenGolfer says:

Get a video with the buzzman so we can see what numbers he gets!

Adam Flynn says:

would need to wear brown pants if I was going for a carry over water
hitting that club. .slight miss hit and its swimmy swimmy

anton blixt says:

Can you do one with the tp 5w?

SuperMozzman says:

woohoo its the monthly TM release!

donballe says:

How do it compare to the x2hot pro?

beeristhewayforward says:

Great review mark would be interesting to see its performance with a ball
teed up do you think it would make any major changes 

Fufiloofa says:

Perhaps 3HL with 16,5 loft would make more sense?

beeristhewayforward says:

Did anyone hear the smash at the end either some one has hit the steel bar
that holds the range roof up on there backswing or shanked it

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