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Meandmygolf's Piers and Andy hit the new taylormade aeroburner 3 wood in a Skills and Drills competition.

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Antonio Santa says:

You guys stated that you will be in Orlando. Have you already booked where
you will play and will play with? Just wondering if I could join you
gentlemen in a round?

michael jirgensons says:

Blind folded driver, 3 wood, pitching wedge. Winner has longest combined
total of all 3 shots. 

Martin Moore says:

288 with 3 wood. Very impressive! 🙂 

Tiger Conlon says:

Play a hole with your putter

lorenzo Praino says:

teach me how to pull so long,very good.

itubeutude says:

do a left handed drive challenge.

Filippo S Renner Araújo says:

Play an entire hole with an actual towel on your armpit, like the classic

ukjunglist26 says:

This video is brought to you by Taylor Made

bradley tomlinson says:

Furthest happy gilmore shot #Skillsanddrills

Sam Havill says:

Putter off a tee longest carry #skillsanddrills

nigrel87 says:

Mix Andy’s hair with Phil’s and you have a complete Head of Hair

Robert Eccleston says:

Most accurate left hand drive swing. #Skillsanddrills

Tyler Bishop says:

Looks like a great drill! However I’ll stick with my Big Bertha 3w.. hit it
275-280.. this one only about 270ish..

Drill would help with driver speed too? currently at 107-108ss.. and would
love to gain a little more.

Stewart Muirhead says:

trackman combine #skillsanddrills 

Calduff99 says:

Long drive contest but left handed! Love the videos as well!

shirzotv says:

Nice video guys

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