TaylorMade AeroBurner Mini Driver Vs R15 Fairway Wood

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TaylorMade AeroBurner Mini Driver Vs R15 Fairway Wood
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Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade AeroBurner Mini Driver Vs R15 Fairway Wood
See what’s the difference between a Mini Driver & a 3 wood

speterj says:

I think this is a driver replacement meant for someone who can’t hit their
driver. Also TM is the only one who makes a mini driver to my knowledge and
I can’t imagine they sell all that many. I think someone who is looking at
getting a mini driver should try a 430 or 440 club head with a shorter
shaft too. 

Michael Rolton says:

Great video. I use the Callaway 3 deep, which is similar to the mini, for
tighter tee shots and occasionally from the fairway/light rough when the
ball is sitting up. 

Brian Ford says:

I have the SLDR Mini and it has taken my tee shot and given me a chance
again. I would say that most of your viewers aren’t needing to hit the mini
off the deck 230+ yards, if they are they’re fooling themselves.

This is for us higher handicap players who struggle with a lollipop driver
that is just uncontrollable.

For me the mini driver is a very good solution to a very big problem in the
industry where bigger isn’t always better for us higher handicap players
but every marketing material tells us it is.

My humble $0.02 :-)

bibilolo78 says:

You cut your driver to 43.5 inches and you explose the mini driver
For the deck a real fairwaywood is better (lie, Light rough…)
No mini for me (13 handicap)
Nice review mister

51Dss says:

only guessing here but the mini driver is what back in the day of persimmon
clubs would’ve been a 2 wood. I think this club might appeal to mid-high to
higher handicap golfers because it would be easier for them to make solid
contact with it than they can get with a full size driver. Fewer miss-hits
translates into consistently straighter shots and probably more fairway
lies for golfers in this category…which would translate into better
scoring and more fun…or not.

Sven Hallauer says:

I think the only place for this club is as a driver replacement, or as a
driver/3-wood combo for people that want to carry 4 or 5 wedges in their
bag. Given my struggles with the 3-wood of the deck, the extra 10 yards
that the mini-driver offers of the tee don’t appeal to me compared to the
regular 3-wood and I’d never use the club of the ground. So for me this
club offers no appeal as I’m also not looking for a 5th wedge in my bag.

Syd Nichols says:

Rick, fantastic to have you in the great southern land.
I will buy the aero mini driver & use it solely as a driver in a 12*
set-up. I just love the fact that it provides the user a shorter shaft with
a smaller head. This format gives me a great deal of confidence off the tee
with the technology giving me the same distance as my old 460cc driver.

Mike H says:

I purchased the AeroBurner 3H, 19 deg and used it for the first time this
weekend. Had 295 yds to the pin (Bushnell yardage) out of semi rough and
hit it into the front greenside bunker. Hit another one almost 300 off the
tee, with a lot of run mind you but still. It you pound the AeroBurners,
they are rockets but the face on the mini is far too deep to be versatile
enough to spend the money.

jygolfer94 says:

To answer what the AeroBurner Mini Driver is. It’s very simple: a 2 wood.
Basically a club between driver and 3 wood. It’s supposed to be longer than
a “normal” 15* 3 wood off the tee. It’s only use is really off the tee,
never off the deck.

Remember Phil’s Phrankenwood from 2013? The 2 wood idea is based on that. A
club solely used off the tee. I have a Callaway X Hot 3Deep 14.5* that I
use like a 2 wood for tight holes only off the tee.

RonanHD says:

It’s a driver replacement. Stronger loft and bigger than a 3 wood. Callaway
did it years ago with the Big Bertha 3+ and a couple of years ago Phil
Mickleson was struggling with the driver and Callaway made him a 2 wood.
Everyone called it a mini driver and the term stuck. Backup or replacement
driver offering maybe more control from the tee, less consistent results
from the deck as it’s harder to hit. Taylormade are ruining your holiday
bringing out a new model every week!

James Stratton says:

As the name suggests, it’s a mini driver not a 3 wood replacement. Many
high handicappers hit their 3w further and more accurately than their
driver so a more forgiving head makes sense. The same players often
struggle with a 3w off the fairway so the extra bulk doesn’t matter that
much. I’m sure it makes more sense to us hackers than a pro!!

paul hughes says:

I’m in two minds about this club. I’m struggling with driver right now so
I’m wondering wether it could be a good addition to my bag.

Ling Fabian Sutanto says:

I´m thinking of buying the MiniDriver, because I struggle a lot with my
Driver (R1) at the moment, but I hit my 3 wood (RBZ) a long long way. My
idea is to give away my 3 wood and my driver, and replace them with the
MiniDriver in 12°. I never hit a 3 wood of the deck. What are your thoughts
about this idea?

h4wks says:

I don’t really see the value of this club in the 14 and 16 degree lofts if
it’s not the easiest club to hit off the deck. The 12deg I can understand
as a driver replacement for players who want a more compact head and
shorter shaft length than their driver though.

James Wen says:

Rick, your new intro page reminds me of the intro to Doctor Who.

mark aldridge says:

why wasnt this tested against the Aeroburner 3 wood as i think that went
furhter than the mini driver and can be hit from various lies surely that
is the real winner

Keith Ven John says:

I realized I was using 3 wood only as an alternative off the tee. So, I
replaced it with the sldr mini and love it. I only use 5 wood from the
fairway anyways. 

MrJdk720 says:

+Rick Shiels PGA Can you do a test of the 12 degree TP version of the mini
driver thanks.

CHR15Y BoY says:

You should try the 16 degree a fairway finder off the tee and that 2
degrees more makes it easier off the deck
I’ve used both, there great clubs

Jay Banbury says:

What happened to shot No:12 with the R15 3 wood?

sasquatchtour says:

This dilemma over what the mini driver replaces seems confusing for some.
My approach was it replaces whatever is going a similar distance and then
second is it more versatile and consistent then what it’s replacing.
Fortunately for me my decision was easy. 70% of my 3 wood shots are off the
tee so a mini driver made perfect sense however, it spun more so I had to
loft down to 12 degrees to get the same launch, spin, and distance as my 14
degree SLDR 3wood and at 12 degrees the mini was no longer versatile enough
to hit off the fairways and I would have to get an 8 degree mini to get the
same distance as my driver but the smaller mini head wouldn’t be as
forgiving. I was a little erratic with my SLDR 430 driver but cutting it
down to 44.5 inches and putting a heavier shaft solved the accuracy
problems and at 430cc the driver will always be more forgiving than a 250cc

99johnmatrix says:

There’s only 2 par 5s on my course, one with a blind second shot where 3
wood us too risky. I’ve recently bought a 13.5 degree wood as I would only
hit it one off the deck and I’d just use my 17 hybrid instead.

Joe Seaton says:

So are you still in Australia rick?

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