TaylorMade AeroBurner Rescue Review

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Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade AeroBurner Rescue Review

@TaylorMadeTour #RocketFueled 

ESikora12 says:

Tried this guy out yesterday and, similar to some of your shots, I was
having a harder time with over-hooking the club. I felt like the lighter
weight shaft played a little soft. If they would have had an X in a demo I
feel I may have narrowed the dispersion a bit. Felt great off the face and
the distance fit nicely into the gap where I need it, but not being able to
control it causes some concern. My Wilson M3 from last season may just be
sticking around for another year. 

Martin Moore says:

Thanks rick. Love the way you give an on course demo too. I’ve noticed the
role out is not so far. Assume that is because it takes into account
undulations. Ie hit into a slight up slope and kills some of the roll out. 

27G27G27 says:

I notice that last shot carried 233 with a total distance of 248 even
though it pitched and rolled backwards into the bunker. Just a bug in the

GinjaSpud says:

If you like the clubs you do in a review do you replace the club in your
bag with the club you did on the review

Kevin Boudreau says:

It’s hard to perform every time for the camera, haha.

MD 18undapar says:

So I know you travelling today, and then I see this on my subs list. Mr
Rick you are so Boss. #nodayzoff ✌️

Sam Bryant says:

My main dislike for the look of this club is the red name on the club as it
looks kind of tacky

Peter Stankovic says:

Rick, I think your legs are always pointing left.

Ben Danby says:

We’re do you get the clubs to review from 

scotty195823 says:

I am wondering if such long distances are entirely desirable. Accepting
that you are a pro and a long hitter I would say that the distance gains
achieved by a decent ball striker would mean that there would be larger
gaps between hybrids and the longest iron in the bag. My personal
experience bears this out. I used to carry a 4 and 3 hybrid and found an
unacceptably large gap between my 5 iron and my 4 hybrid. Part of this was
probably due to the fact according to launch monitor data my 5 iron is the
iron I struggle most with. I have got round this gap issue by buying a 5
hybrid to replace the 5 iron and now have more consistent gapping
throughout my bag. 

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