TaylorMade Answers Questions From The Gallery

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Ever wonder how many balls Dustin Johnson has lost in his lifetime? What's the angriest Collin Morikawa has ever been on a golf course? Your favorite TaylorMade athletes are here to answer some of our favorite hypotheticals and questions from the Fore Play Podcast.

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402BoneCollector says:

Harry Higgs has quickly become my favorite player on tour! ?

Alejandro Hernandez says:

Haha loved this video….more like this please!!!

cjfoley5 says:

Good call not asking DJ angriest he's ever been with his US open history

ImpliedPine Z says:

Pretty bad set of opening questions but ended up working it out

Matt Hans says:

Do these with Perez, Kis, and Joel

Wag’s World says:

You mean to tell me that everyone doesn’t already have a designated break/throw club in the bag!?!?

Benjamin Smith says:

I love how even Higgs is prejudiced against fat people because he just knows the numbers aren't in Trent's favor.

Alex Ramirez says:

Great questions

Jay Summers says:

I wanted to hear DJs response to the maddest he’s ever been on a golf course.

Brandon Moe says:

No chance they didn’t think Riggs had the ugliest swing

Alex M says:

This video was too short ??? I could watch another hour of this shit ??

Joshua Hanson says:

Haha Matt talking about having something extra in the bag, ready to break, rather than your clubs ? I’ve been talking about getting a bunch of wood dowels for that exact same reason lately!

Cory Maillett says:

The world needs more Harry Higgs…

Doug Freeman says:

DJ: “You pick”. I’m dead. ?

Alex Jones says:

Wolff gave these questions the answers they deserved. Good blokes… terrible interviewers.

Taylor K says:

More of this please!

Jackson Hurst says:

Those questions were awesome

Jarrett wojo says:

I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Great job guys, love this content! ?️

Joey Duckworth says:

Love the video. good stuff boys

rlealvalencia says:

Stupid questions. Y’all are garbage at this!


7:54 he was not surprised

Marisa Bhanubandh says:

Love the funny inside jokes and side banter!! It’s nice to hear a good sense of humor once in a while.


DJ's answers had me dying and he wasn't even trying to be funny

Ken says:

DJ: says anything
Foreplay: hueheueheueheueheue

ColeBurgess says:

Harry is slowly becoming one of my favorite golfers with these videos. You can tell he would drink anyone on tour under the table

lucas thornton says:

Finally someone asks the tour Pros some relevant questions. I bet Jim Nantz would never think of asking how many over/under par for your lifetime or how many lost balls. Those are questions that really make you think hard.

Drew W says:

Golf needs Barstool way more than Barstool needs golf.

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