Taylormade Burner 2.0 Driver Mizuno JPX 800 Driver Compared

http://www.4golfonline.com watch Mark Crossfield hit the Taylormade 2.0 Burner Driver as he compares it to the Mizuno JPX 800 Driver. See which golf club might suit your golf game better with another golf reivew from the internet golf professional.

14 thoughts on “Taylormade Burner 2.0 Driver Mizuno JPX 800 Driver Compared

  1. Hello Mar I’m a little confused. I’ve heard you say that a less spin off
    the driver is good for a high handicap player, but the Mizuno although it
    launched higher, also had much more spin? Wouldn’t the lower launch of the
    Taylormade driver combined with the lower spin rate go farther? Thanks!!!

  2. Great review! I have a question. When you say that the Mizuno gets higher
    don’t you lose distance. In others words don’t you want to keep the ball at
    a even trajectory toward the target? thanks.

  3. @HKgolfer132 Same as the nike sumo or XLS high bore monster it’s too loud
    not to mention use it at driving range. I like JPX 800 driver but it’s
    launch too high for me and my speed is too fast for it. I go for 910 D3
    over these two.

  4. i was looking at these 2 drivers and the r11s and i ended up going with the
    burner 2.0 because i loved the way it felt and how good i hit it over the
    mizuno although i loved the r11s way more than both the 2.0 and the mizuno
    because of the r11s’s tunablity but it was just out of my price range as i
    needed a 4wood and i only had $400 so the burner 2.0 driver and 4 wood
    seemed like the best choice and i love them very much!

  5. hi mark, over the year i have been trialling different mizuno drivers that
    are on the market. ( t-zoid, mx-500,Mp 650). i have found that the ball
    does not come off the club face as well as i would like it too, for me to
    get the most out of the club. how does the jpx 800 compare. how well does
    the ball come off the face? and how does the forgiveness from the face
    compare with the burner 2.0 ?

  6. I’ve already seen some 2.0 used clubs in the store and I wish mine could be
    one of them. Launch too high, sound when hit on sweet spot could make you
    deaf for a second, and the shaft is too long(which is easy to fix though)

  7. mark, great review of these clubs, looking around for a driver for my son,
    swing speed varies 95 to 105ish, he is complaining about high launch with
    2009 burner (all black) any suggestions?

  8. i like to feel like im doing most of the work myself and i like a good
    shaft in a driver and i want to keep it cheap what would you say my best
    option is

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