Taylormade Burner 2.0 or Cobra S3 Golf Irons

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http://www.4golfonline.com Cobra S3 or the Taylormade Burner 2.0 irons. Watch Mark Crossfield hit the two great game improver golf irons and see which golf club will help you play some better golf. Taylormade and Cobra have both made a dark looking golf club that delivers real distance off the club face. Are they the same club or is one better than the other.


Daniel Stephens says:

I’ve got the taylormade burner 2.0 and I wouldn’t change them for anything.
Absolutely love them.

Chris Cringle says:

i hit the two of them and the cobra seemed to feel a little softer then the

Garrett Steinbrink says:

You told that fag! 🙂

Alek Stanbro says:

What club is more forgiving the Burner 2.0, Burner Plus, and or Cobra S3?
Also what do think is the best for a golfer that just started? Thanks so
much hope you get the chance to answer my question.

flemming djarn says:

Hey Mark how about testing Adams CB2 irons ? against Mizuno 800 pro ?

G Dreher says:

i have myself a set of TM 2.0’s. VERY long! much farther than my previous
set, but i never had a chance at getting to demo the s3’s. hopefully i can
pick up some new cobra irons with newer technology when the time comes to
upgrade again!

TheKnockkNockk says:

i love it how ones a 6 iorn and ones a 7 iorn

mroracle says:

I love my Cobra S3’s

JoeGolfKing says:

Might get lucky on eBay? CobraGolf is the clubmaker, and they have a
Customer Support link in lower left hand corner of their homepage, so maybe
they could help locate one for you. I know Callaway sells used clubs of
their own brand, so maybe Cobra does too, and perhaps they can help you in
that respect with a new or used 4 iron.

FellowPazzini23 says:

Golfing newbie here. After trying out both sets (and a quite few others) at
the range with American golf before buying I ended up buying the Burner
2.0’s. Very very easy to hit for someone like myself but for one reason or
another I just couldn’t hit the S3’s at all which I wasn’t too pleased at
because they was the one’s I was hoping on getting. 1 and a half months
later with quite a few range practices and course outings I’m 110% glad I
got them, they are perfect for people like me.

donrickdon says:

Hi Mark, Im seriously bad for changing clubs ive probably had 20 sets in
the past few years. I play off 10 and am pretty good ball striker so was
just wondering what you think is the best set out there that blends
forgiveness with a bit of workability to help me put a stop to my
tinkering? I currently play burner tour irons. are the s3’s or 2.0s any
good for my handicap? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Love the
reviews by the way. Rick

esopxe says:

I spent about 3-4 hours hitting clubs at the golf shop last week. I hit
pretty much everything in the store. I ended up getting Taylormade all
around. Burner 2.0 irons (graphite), R11 (10.5), 4 &5 Rescue 11’s, and a 5
wood Superfast 2.0. I hit straighter and farther with all in comparison
with other brands. Great feel too. Thanks for the vids. They helped.

2piecechickenbox says:

top one was the burner, cobra is all glossy dnt like themlol

JMRTNG says:

I had ordered the 2.0 set a few weeks ago. Still waiting for them to be
delivered but I know I can’t wait to get a hold of them so I can be hitting
the course this season! Very excited about the clubs.

thenofxlagwagon says:

@4golfonline i will give you $10 per month to wear my name on your shirt.
or $15 per month to say my name at least once in every video.

Jim C says:

Real bird noises? Thats awesome!

Simon Jenvey says:

Can you do a video of a exercise to practice the in to square to out swing
plane, I’m having trouble with this especially with my driver. Keep up the
good work 🙂

05jakeb says:

Love your vids

Scott Wartenberg says:

You have a great golf swing! Very nice form!

Chris Paglia says:

I have the 2.0 irons and they are my favorite irons I have ever hit. They
are soooo forgiving and very easy to hit

Mark Crossfield says:

@creep426 no why you want to sponsor me?

brianschilt says:

I love your video reviews. Great to see each club hit. I’m deciding between
either. I’ve hit the Cobra S3 drivers and found I like them better than the
Taylormade Burner 2.0.

DC in Glasgow says:

just bought a set of burner 2.0 irons cant really fault them in terms of
performance biggest issue i had was forcing myself to hit a club less than
normal as initially i kept going long through greens, not so much with 9,pw
more 5,6 and seven irons important to get fitted for these though dont buy
off shelf

Jose Lopez says:

Cobra is #1

BubbaWatsonFan1317 says:

cobra is the lower one and the top is taylor made

JSport100 says:

Cobra S3 bottom, Taylormade top

Trey Brandt says:

you should do a video for the best irons, drivers and putters of the year

5150markg says:

Mark – is the reason for 6 & 7 iron simply demo clubs you have available or
is one stronger lofted than the other so in effect they’re the same club?

David Karwoski says:

I have the 2.0’s and I love them. Like u said the ball just springs off the

GolfMizunousa says:

dear Mark I have been having problems with hitting the ball from the ground
without using a tee, i take too much divot which digs too much into the
ground and it destroys the golf course. I would like if you could show me
how do you hit the ball cleanly from the ground without taking any divot, i
have seen tigerwoods hitting a ball with an iron & saw him just rub against
the grass but he didn’t take any divot how do u do that” can u to teach me
in a video response, i will appreciate it a lot!!

Tayshaun44 says:

have you tried the Wilson Staff Ci7 Iron Set? i’m thinking about buying some

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