TaylorMade Burner 2.0 SuperFast R11 Drivers

http://www.4golfonline.com Mark Crossfield hits the two Taylormade drivers with the white heads. The Burner 2.0 SuperFast and the R11. See which driver might help you play some better golf and hit more fairways.

37 thoughts on “TaylorMade Burner 2.0 SuperFast R11 Drivers

  1. I used a demo burner tp and didnt really like it too much, shape was
    terrible, colour ok, felt like i was hitting rocks didnt really feel like
    it jump off the face that much. still use my R7 SQ with prolauch axis and
    feels like the ball explodes off the shaft feels very nice.

  2. Hi Mark, I have recently bought Superfast burner 2.0, I love the feel of it
    more than other clubs in the market but 46.5 shaft length is very hard to
    control, do you think I can cut it down to 44.5 without changing the feel
    of the club too much?..Im high handicap..what do you recommend?

  3. ive been trying an R11 but dont think i can afford it, thats why ive been
    looking into a superfast 2.0, im also not the talest im about 5 foot 5 and
    my handicap is 18 so what would be the best for me?

  4. Hi Mark, another excellent video. I did have the R11 driver but didn’t get
    the distance I was used to with my old Burner Superfast 1 (mainly down to
    the shaft length) I’ve been trying out a friend’s Burner Superfast 2.0 and
    it’s lovely to get the extra distance back (20 yards longer than R11) It
    does feel a bit long though and I want to hit more fairways. Do you think
    if I cut 0.5″ off the grip end of the shaft I would get better strikes or
    would it change the swing weight too much and ruin it

  5. Mark thanks so much for the excellent videos. I wonder if you could help
    with a problem that I think is pretty common. With the longer clubs I can
    take beautiful practices with perfect finishes. When I actually hit my shot
    I don’t seem to be able to finish. I feel like my hands are stuck finishing
    down the target line and I cant seem to finish my swing. Any ideas? Help!

  6. I have an R11 and love it – hit one 353yds last week! Don’t like the burner
    – the stretched back head shape, length, sound, grip – everything!

  7. could u make a vid comparing the 910 f and the 910 d like hitting them off
    the ground and tee and tell me what you think the difference is like. Thanks

  8. The R11 is a beast. Love it! Are you planning on hitting the SuperFast 2.0
    FWs at all? Would love to see a comparison between the TP and maybe with
    the R11 FW.

  9. hey mark i know u’ve already done a iron comparison between the superfast
    2.0 and rbz but can you also give a comparison video of the superfast 2.0
    driver and rbz pls?~~~

  10. Great video there! I tried the r11 a couple weeks back, before going for
    the 910D3. It is actually a very nice club… with the exeption of the
    colour. Ok, anti glaring and all that stuff, but seriously… White? it may
    not glare, but it reflects like crazy! my eyes hurt just by looking at it,
    would´ve been easier to go for a mate black finish and it would have done
    the job much better! The other thing i didnt like is how loud the club is!
    Almost deafening in closed driving ranges!

  11. i have the original burner and haven’t truly tried many other clubs because
    im new to the golf scene. i have to say the original is good because i’m
    new and im hitting constant 200’s 90% of the time

  12. All this said I think a fairer comparison (based on price) would be the SF
    TP vs. R11 (non TP). For me SF TP, shortened by 0.75 inches each end then
    reweighted by 3g in toe and 5g in heel is perfect, I could get the same
    setup from an R11 but then I’d have 100 settings I’d never use. Please say
    something about shortening drivers.. 46″ is a crazy length for an amateur,
    hardly any pro’s on tour play over 44.5″.

  13. it sounds like a percussion instrument (both of them do). I recall the
    finest sounding driver I ever had – a yonex adx 200 way back in the
    early/mid 90s. Seemed like a big club back then, had an indestructible
    shaft (a lot of drivers didn’t back then) and made a satisfying woody whack
    when hit.

  14. I own the burner2.0 and the R11 and for me the burner wins. The shaft on
    the burner is longer 46.5 inch which is for distance but if you want the
    smaller shaft burner 2.0 the tp version is 45.5inch. I couldn’t get on with
    the R11 which I have been told that not many people can so I tried the
    burner and found it so much better to use. I did have the shaft fitted
    smaller so it’s 45.5inch for better control.

  15. at first i did want the r11 but now looking at the price and the way it
    hits i much more preffer the burner superfast 2.0 and at a lower price
    thats the one for me

  16. i personally think the r11 sounds so much duller off the tee. but its still
    a good driver. i have the burner 2.0 and i had to get it shortened by 2″
    because a 46.5″ driver is just far to long for a high school player such as
    myself and since i got it shortened i average about 275-290 with it and
    before i got it shortened it was like 250 at the most because i sliced it
    so bad lol but i love it now. =) also the stock grip is junk but i love my
    new grip on it

  17. I was hoping the SF 2.0’s extremely loud impact sound wouldn’t be as
    apparent outdoors but it seems you’ve confirmed that is an issue. I’ll be
    demoing the R11 pretty soon to make my decision between the SF 2.0, R11, or
    Titleist 910 I’d love to see your back-to-back reviews of the SF 2.0 and
    R11 TP versions!

  18. well i can anser that the r11 has gone far down in price if you cant afford
    it the burner superfast 2.0 is great its quite loud and tingy i love a
    longer shaft you have to be able to control it thought best of luck! any
    more questions just ask me

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