TaylorMade Burner 2.0 Video Response

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Alex Penfold says:

heyy Mark, i really am thinking of buying these clubs as a set, but as
people say the r11’s are made for the lower handicapper, is it the same as
these? could anyone reccomend a range of handicap to suit this club?


Hi Mark Devon here from B.C I ‘am a 7 handicap and have just purchased the
burner 2.0 club set i can hit the driver over 300+ consistently straight
and irons distance is phenomenal with my old paradise irons i would have to
hit on a par 3 210 yrds a 5 iron with the burner 2.0 i can use a strong 7
or a nice and controlled 6 i will admit they have cut my game by 4-5
strokes each game so thank you for recommending these clubs oh and im only
15. also huge fan of the videos since first year at 13.

Dustyn strike says:

1.0 or 2.0?

Mark Crossfield says:

@swsinger The Titleist 910 driver does have a dark finish and will be
interesting how it ages. I think it will scratch and look worn very

Alex Green says:

What iron would you recommend for a 12 handicapper who hits the ball very
high? I am currently playing with cobra forged irons from 98 So need an
update. Also distance wise i am hitting a pw/9 150 yards. Thank you in

chris hodge says:

Thanks for the video response, just purchased a set of the 2.0’s. will let
you know how i get on with them, cheers again

Mark Crossfield says:

The new mizuno JPX is a great iron or for real control the MP 53 woudl be
great for your #greenymk7

Chas Coldrick says:

Steel shaft or graphite?

BiTechxual says:

Yea, i’ve seen this on the taylormade cgb max, a nasty looking white spot
in the size of a golf ball right in the middle of the face. Do you think
the new 910 are going to have the same problem? Because this is kinda a
turn off

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