TaylorMade Burner Super Launch Irons Reviewed

http://www.4golfonline.com Mark Crossfield Exeter Golf Professional reviews the Taylormade Burner SuperLaunch Irons. See how the large club head design allows for a great launch. Mark hits the taylorade iron to see if they can live up to their name.

25 thoughts on “TaylorMade Burner Super Launch Irons Reviewed

  1. Hello.i am golfnovice and has buyed me the taylormade burner superlaunch.
    Before them i had used pro ace clubs.the taylormade burner superlaunch
    irons has a super feeling whyle moment of impact. Super clubs super video
    from you to introduce the clubs for novices like i am. Greetings from

  2. great review. I just picked up a set, but they’re old stock now so getting
    harder to find. I used to have a big problem with my shots shooting over
    the green, but with the loft and soft landing these give me, I’m getting
    closer to the pin on my approach shots.

  3. @kiddokang he does reviews of a lot more brands than that, he just does
    those 2 more cause, like you say, they probably invest more in the pro shop
    at that particular golf centre.

  4. switched from a set of nike victory red irons to these because i got them
    for a good $259 dollars and i was hitting them very well. the ball flight
    is good but these are definitely for someone who doesn’t have as much
    control as a more experienced golfer. i myself have been golfing for about
    10 years and shoot about a 80 average. but i do recommend these to anyone
    looking for a forgiving iron.

  5. thanks man, love your vids. keep it up. i was wondering if you could review
    the ping g15 irons. ive heard many people like them but was wondering your
    opinion. thanks. keep up the vids

  6. I have played with the superlaunch and i find they are very easy to hit but
    take a lil distance of………….. a fair trade of for the accuracy these
    clubs have especially around the greens

  7. I bought a set at sports authority for $300 on sale. It included 4-9 p and
    a wedge so pretty good deal. I upgraded from a set of Adams sc2 irons and
    they really did make a huge difference! Thanks taylormade.

  8. @creep426 completely false statement, these clubs are for people who have
    difficulty hitting straight shots all of the time and the high flight is
    designed to help limit the slicing action. They also sport some of the
    longest overall distances for irons which makes them one of the better iron
    sets on the market. Why not buy these clubs over Burner Plus if they are
    easier to hit, cheaper, and offer almost equal distance?

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