TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Driver TP or D3 Titleist

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http://www.4golfonline.com Mark Crossfield hits the TaylorMade 2.0 Burner TP SuperFast Driver against the Titleist D3 driver with SureFit technology. See which clubs suits Mark better and see what driver might help you with your golf game. The white head superfast TP against the 910 D3 with trackman data and results.


Winterstick549 says:

I must say, that my Burner does put more loft on the ball than I wish for.

Winterstick549 says:

I won the Burner Superfast shown here, but hated the grip. I changed the
grip, and much happier with it.

ruby chopper says:

hi mark i am planning to but the callaway ft iz driver but i couldnt find a
video of you with one would you be able to make one? i refure to your
videos to see wat you think.

goosetavio says:

Wich should i get, the burner 2.0 superfast or the nike str8 fit tour. Im
looking for distance

Joan Molina says:

holy crap Mark! U finally did HD! awesome

Danny Patten says:

do you buy the clubs or rent them

cboersma67 says:

The burner is a great club

NE Florida Fishing says:

just got my Burner SuperFast 2.0 Driver yesterday and i have never hit a
driver before but i feel confident because of how large the face is and how
forgiving they say it is so i cant wait to try it out and are there any
tips i should know? great review

5150markg says:

Recently tried a D2 vs R11. Ended up with a R11 9 degree (set to 10 degree)
in a stiff shaft. Was launching about 12 deg with 2500 spin. Carried a good
260 yds – LOVE IT

Sam Winstanley says:

Same comment as golfmio, wouldn’t the differences in shaft flex (if the
burner was less stiff) give you a naturally higher launching/higher
spinning flight ?

golfomio says:

Hi Mark, Its great that you spend time making these videos for us, but
could you spend a bit of time answering our questions?

ghettokaiba says:

is it just me or does it seems as if ust shafts have extra stiff tips?I
have a stiff ust 75 and always sliced. When I went with a softer tip shaft
every thing was straight.

byshop bryan says:

could you do a video comparing the d3 with the ahina vs the new nike
limited eddition driver

thomas1231001 says:

@Thcastle89 well, of course one is white and the other is black, but the
perform quite similar. the burner tp is a little bit faster according to
taylormade. but i dont think theres a big differences. just choose which
colour you like and of course the standard burner is cheaper

Karl Morgan says:

I AM A BURNER BOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

titleistfan16 says:

please do a whats in your bag

Ryan Masterson says:

I’m looking in to getting the tp.

Pandamonium55 says:

who is the Superfast burner 2.0 aimed at? can a beginner use one?

go2ahappyplace1 says:

@NikeymanxD demo both…. .

Andrew Sundberg says:

im pretty sure your the only person ive heard refer to drivers as game
improvement or better players clubs??? i know i tested a burner 2.0 a d2 a
d3 and a ping i20, other than the sound what would make burner game
improvement in ur opinion? its just louder but not anyeasier to hit or
anything that wouldnt make it a better players driver

jdefy1986 says:

optimal launch angle is 13 degrees …9degree is a little low you wil get
roll but if you are trying to fly a bunker or lake you want a higher launch
angle the 9

golfomio says:

You mentioned that the Titleist shaft was stronger and a stiff, what was
the Burners shaft? Wouldn’t the difference in stats reflect the the
difference of shaft stiffness alone? Would be an interesting experiment if
you could swap shafts.

Pali Resident says:

I am bogey golfer, and my drives with my Callaway Ft-5 were in the 210-230
range. With the Burner 2.0, I am hitting drives in th 225-240 range. The
larger head lets me tee the ball up a little higher, so I am really
launching it. The white club head dis also very easy to line up.

prorobo says:

Love the look of the Burner. Were you testing with the S flex and 9.5 loft
on the TP like with the D3? I’ll be demoing clubs for a new driver soon and
the TP was definitely one I’ve had my eye on for awhile.

Matt March says:

I am a golfer and I play on my high school golf team I am thinking of
upgrading, as of now I am using a Taylormade R7 driver and im averaging
230-250 yards on my drives… I would just like to know would you suggest
the Burner 2.0 please comment and let me know, thanks!

justpar2012 says:

Mark, do you think that hindging of the hands alil early reduces the
yardage on the driver?

rob311fan says:

@whitesky Yes. Your correct. Its supposed to take the left side out of
play. It does this through its weighting system in the head of the club.

Titleist313 says:

D3 is a better performing driver, but not by much. plus the superfast is
half the price

Tom Castle says:

Hi Mark, I am in need of a new driver and i am stuck between the burner 2.0
superfast and the standard burner superfast, have you reveiwed that one?
what are the differences? Cheers

Colin Jackson says:

Hey there Mark, I love your videos, but i had a specific question on driver
flight trajectory. I recently upgraded from my regular flex 10.5 degree
cobra S9-1 driver to a taylormade R9 9.5 with a stiff motore F1 shaft. I
love the club but i seem to have trouble getting it up in the air because
of the lower kick point i get with a stiff shaft than a regular shaft. I
think my swing speed (which i do not know exactly) is in between stiff and
regular, i draw my cobra badly. Tee it up higher?

Jason Barrows says:

wow i love ur videos…….u do a great job……i was thinking about
upgrading a bit to the D3 from my callaway FT 9……..do u think it would
be worth it because i dont have a problem with my Ft 9 …… just thought
i could get a few yards distance maybe not sure……thankss

Mark Collins says:

I have the d3 driver really like it, nice low and long flight, good choice
of shafts to choose from. good review Mark.

Yuseichaaan48 says:

I just got dat driver, I love this driver!

TnTBergs says:

@Pandamonium55 i use one do hit about 250-280m..

Ben harley-starling says:

im hitting a stiff as my clubhead speed is around 95 – 100 and im a 26 hc

MaxedOutFILMS says:

just bought a 2.0 9.5 loft burner today. I’m a bit nervous about the 9.5
which ive never used. I had a 10.5 r7 which went wayyy too high every time
i hit it straight. However i loved using the club at a virtual driving
range at some golf store nearby.

MatEtek2 says:

So between burner TP and not D3 but D2 which would you say is best?

Lloyd D says:

Hi I own the burner 2.0 driver and a R11 driver and for me the burner wins
hands down. So much better to use about the same in performance but you
will pay more for the R11 because it’s adjustable the weights and sole. But
if you want to just strike the ball and not stand around for half an hour
trying to get the setting right then the burner 2.0 wins.

deathbycolonel says:

@superscootkid wtf?

KenFerrieFan15 says:

is there any reason why your left foots open

NiitroChiZz says:

I like burner cause it’s almost as good as the d3 but it’s half the price!

howiya b says:

considering getting the burner superfast tp i know someone selling think
its 8.5 just wondering if this would suit me u say its a better players
driver im a 12 handicap and driving is best part of my game is the tp for
pros just or would it suit me cheers?

mcfarlands4 says:

i like the regular superfast 2.0 the tp is too stiff for me

Francois Fortin says:

whats the difference between the Burner Superfast 2.0 and 2.0 TP?

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