TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Hybrid

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Michael Anscomb says:

I’ve been using the burner 2.0 for a few years now and find it so easy to
hit. Slighly longer then my CG 7, 4 iron at 210 yards. So a good option off
the tee and certainly for the rough. Playing off 26 I haven’t found a
better hybrid.

Iain Barbour says:

Hi Mark. I hit this club today, against the Mizuno JPX 825 and was hitting
better shots with the TaylorMade. Found it a very easy club to hit. Im a
player that struggles with hitting 4, 5 irons consistantly well and feel
this club will help me a lot. Am i right in saying that the ball needs to
be forward in your stance when using a hybrid, like when using a driver?

howiya b says:

@karlbenoit1980 ya did yeah

Dante Shaw says:

I got the black burner superfast hybrid(not the 2.0)and its a very good
hybrid.i can hit it down the middle consistently

Mark Crossfield says:

@BiffyBass sounds good let us know when you get one.

theailenwar says:

do you live on a golf couse

manvesh97 says:

@viciscool1 how did u find this out? did u ask him? 🙂

Chris Lam says:

Hey Mark, where abouts would you say is the ideal position to place the
ball when using this club?

IMrNuminous says:

Looking to but this in the next week or two, every time I research it
there’s only praise for it. I own the 3 wood and it smashing, I honestly
believe that the burner series are overall better than the “R” series. Does
anybody have any ideas where I could buy this cheaply? Don’t forget to
check out my channel and rate my swing guys, comments would be appreciated.

Cam Baird says:

im 13 thats pretty average for me with the 4 hybrid

Mark Ratner says:

I play to a 4.9 and these hybrids are great. I removed the 3, 4 iron and
replaced with these. I can hit it right to left, left to right, high, and
low. I actually never noticed the slight offset.

Fowler Fan says:

I just bought this. My club pro recommended it for me. Very keen. I got the
4h with 21*

BiTechxual says:

Nice review, would be nice though to add a top view like on some irons in
the previous videos, as I think it’s the most important view angle. Thanks!

My Golf Journey - Amateur to Amateur says:

Started with the 4h and 5h. Offset is fine. Hit them so good I felt like I
was cheating. Long, easy to hit, holds the green. True game improvement
club. Now have 3, 4, 5, and 6. Hitting a draw with these. I never hit a
draw. Cannot believe how far i’m hitting these clubs.

girlmalibu1 says:

Now I’m hitting it 180 yards

luke lacey says:

Got mine last July . Great club , average hit is 185 biggest I’ve had was
225 . I have the 4 . So the 21 degree

ZildjianK25 says:

I got this club about a month ago and I hit it great. I hit it almost 220

Heidi Kisil says:

Over 200 yards** I really recommend this club to anybody

Arsalan khan says:

Ysk249 you couldn’t be more correct! After the honeymoon period massive
hooks! Went back to my nickents

FreakiZ says:

wow I just bought the 4 hybrid yesterday and it is amazing. The ball just
flys off of this club with little effort. My favorite club in my bag already

AntebellumOg says:

yup buddy. when you going to do the 2.0 superfast driver?

My Golf Journey - Amateur to Amateur says:

Follow up: Hit a very poor tee shot on a par 5 into the woods. Bailed out
with a decent, not good 2nd shot and was left staring at 180 to the
elevated green. Took out the Taylormade Superfast 2.0 3H and crushed it.
When I could see the green I was stunned to see it 18 ft from the hole.
Made the putt too! Total game changer for me. Especially since last year my
avg drive was a meager 165. If you’re wondering which TM hybrid to get –
Get them all!

Vic Guha says:

@golum1197 Callaway dont allow him to trial clubs plus callaway dont make
any great clubs anymore

ysk249 says:

This club is made for beginners who slice often. As Mark mentioned the term
“offset” several times in this video clip, this hybrid club is a draw
biased and will promote a hook quite often. These hybrid clubs are very
easy to hit with and they will keep beginners from slicing the ball.
However, if you are a power hitter or have a high swing speed, the draw
will turn into a severe hook.

iPingman says:

u gotta love this club .. i have a 4 hybrid which plays avg. 204 yards….
really happy with it 🙂

Heidi Kisil says:

Just got it today! I can easily his the ogre

johnnythefoxzz says:

What did we learn from this video that is not in the TM ad?

Jeff Lee says:

hey Mark, would you recommend the TM Rescue 11 4 Hybrid or the Burner
Superfast 2.0 4 Hybrid?

rsawnti says:

I love this club, and want to purchase it. Any suggestions between stiff or
regular flex? I’ve only been playing for about 2 years, so not sure which I
should get or if would make a big difference. Thanks!

Andrew Breining says:

I bought this club recently, actually I got the whole iron set, 3 and 4
hybrids and 5-PW irons as a combo. Played my first round with them today
and what a club!! I am a 15 handicap and these rescues will be sure to help
me lower that number. Great out of tough lies, long par 3’s and long iron
fairway shots. I used to have the Adams idea a1 hybrids before these, it
was a magnificent upgrade!

girlmalibu1 says:

Awesome club I have a 4 21 degrees and I’m just turned 12 and I’m hitting
it about 140-160 out of the rough it is awesome and worth the money

HockeyWebCaster91 says:

1:57 orgasm 🙂


thinking about buying one im in the sun country junior tour trying to take
out 3 and 4 irons out of my bag is it worth it???

Bruno Mucci says:

just bought this club and i reall like it, it sure does fly when you crank
it! Love my whole burner set, your reviews really helped me get a really
good t-made set

kb19hose says:

haha Mark, Ive watched all of your videos besides this one! I just got this
club and love it but I noticed you didnt say “lets get stuck in”! haha i
truly appreciate all your videos on ratings and testing of clubs and your
knowledge and tips of the game, thanks!

Vic Guha says:

@manvesh97 he mentioned this in some of his previous videos

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