TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Hybrid

http://www.4golfonline.com The high launching easy to hit TaylorMade 2.0 Burner SuperFast hybrid is hit and tested by Mark Crossfield. The Exeter golf professional hits the 2.0 burner hybrid at Clifton Hill Golf Range and shows you how it could help you play some better golf.

36 thoughts on “TaylorMade Burner SuperFast 2.0 Hybrid

  1. I’ve been using the burner 2.0 for a few years now and find it so easy to
    hit. Slighly longer then my CG 7, 4 iron at 210 yards. So a good option off
    the tee and certainly for the rough. Playing off 26 I haven’t found a
    better hybrid.

  2. Hi Mark. I hit this club today, against the Mizuno JPX 825 and was hitting
    better shots with the TaylorMade. Found it a very easy club to hit. Im a
    player that struggles with hitting 4, 5 irons consistantly well and feel
    this club will help me a lot. Am i right in saying that the ball needs to
    be forward in your stance when using a hybrid, like when using a driver?

  3. Looking to but this in the next week or two, every time I research it
    there’s only praise for it. I own the 3 wood and it smashing, I honestly
    believe that the burner series are overall better than the “R” series. Does
    anybody have any ideas where I could buy this cheaply? Don’t forget to
    check out my channel and rate my swing guys, comments would be appreciated.

  4. I play to a 4.9 and these hybrids are great. I removed the 3, 4 iron and
    replaced with these. I can hit it right to left, left to right, high, and
    low. I actually never noticed the slight offset.

  5. Nice review, would be nice though to add a top view like on some irons in
    the previous videos, as I think it’s the most important view angle. Thanks!

  6. Started with the 4h and 5h. Offset is fine. Hit them so good I felt like I
    was cheating. Long, easy to hit, holds the green. True game improvement
    club. Now have 3, 4, 5, and 6. Hitting a draw with these. I never hit a
    draw. Cannot believe how far i’m hitting these clubs.

  7. wow I just bought the 4 hybrid yesterday and it is amazing. The ball just
    flys off of this club with little effort. My favorite club in my bag already

  8. Follow up: Hit a very poor tee shot on a par 5 into the woods. Bailed out
    with a decent, not good 2nd shot and was left staring at 180 to the
    elevated green. Took out the Taylormade Superfast 2.0 3H and crushed it.
    When I could see the green I was stunned to see it 18 ft from the hole.
    Made the putt too! Total game changer for me. Especially since last year my
    avg drive was a meager 165. If you’re wondering which TM hybrid to get –
    Get them all!

  9. This club is made for beginners who slice often. As Mark mentioned the term
    “offset” several times in this video clip, this hybrid club is a draw
    biased and will promote a hook quite often. These hybrid clubs are very
    easy to hit with and they will keep beginners from slicing the ball.
    However, if you are a power hitter or have a high swing speed, the draw
    will turn into a severe hook.

  10. I love this club, and want to purchase it. Any suggestions between stiff or
    regular flex? I’ve only been playing for about 2 years, so not sure which I
    should get or if would make a big difference. Thanks!

  11. I bought this club recently, actually I got the whole iron set, 3 and 4
    hybrids and 5-PW irons as a combo. Played my first round with them today
    and what a club!! I am a 15 handicap and these rescues will be sure to help
    me lower that number. Great out of tough lies, long par 3’s and long iron
    fairway shots. I used to have the Adams idea a1 hybrids before these, it
    was a magnificent upgrade!

  12. just bought this club and i reall like it, it sure does fly when you crank
    it! Love my whole burner set, your reviews really helped me get a really
    good t-made set

  13. haha Mark, Ive watched all of your videos besides this one! I just got this
    club and love it but I noticed you didnt say “lets get stuck in”! haha i
    truly appreciate all your videos on ratings and testing of clubs and your
    knowledge and tips of the game, thanks!

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