TaylorMade Driver Fitting with COMPETITION WINNER

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TaylorMade Driver Fitting with COMPETITION WINNER
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scott miles says:

Personally this guy needs lessons with a good coach, the club fitting is
just harming his swing more by covering up the cracks. Just encourages a
bad swing 

Niklas Holm Seistrup says:

Once again, how Can you Call This fitting? My god!!!! All the drivers Are
Way too long hence the terrible smashfactor.
Give Stu a 44″ driver, Maybe even shorter like 43,5″ and see a proper

What about Shaft weight? Nothing mentioned.
They gave him a driver, that’s Nice!
But no Way, did he get a fitting.
This shows how little even These “experts” know about fitting.

Stu could gain soooo Much more Working with a true clubfitter. I wouldnt be
happy with smashfactor lower than 1.46-1.48 defending on how consistent the
swing is.
And with the shorter Shaft his dispersion Would be soooo Much tighter

Oh, and Rick.
Smashfactor Can get higher than 1.50. Not Much, but try hitting your driver
just to the Right of center and sliiiightly higher than center, and you
Might see 1,51-1,53.
IF your driver FITS you that is.

This is just rubbish…

Rick Shiels PGA says:

TaylorMade Driver Fitting with COMPETITION WINNER

@TMPCBelfry @liammcdougall84 

Vici Martynov says:

Ooooh who is a lucky boy, good luck with your new driver love, a great
prize :-)

don blem says:

I used to have the MX700! What a great driver that was. It was long and
made a great sound. I’ve had 2 new drivers since and I miss the MX700 to be
honest =.

gordon o'riordan says:

Rick or Stuart any update a month on from the fitting how the driver is

Andrew Krisman says:

What annoys me is the manufacturers and retailers who sell these
ridiculously priced golf clubs to the every day golfer and journeyman. What
is the point of having a custom fitted set of shiny new golf clubs worth
over 500 quid, when you’re going to hit and slice a few regardless of what
you’re using and only play every other week with your pals… We are
seduced into buying into these over priced brands and clubs by over zealous
golf retailers who are taking advantage of the punters with the ‘you can
also hit it 300 yards’ rubbish. What would be more useful is affordable
golf lessons and equipment – not to be constantly ripped off!

Gomeszz says:

First of all i have to give a massive thank you to Rick, TaylorMade and
Liam again for their time effort and generosity.
I have to hold my hands up and say it wasn’t my best driving day I’ve ever
had and possibly tried to swing within myself which emphasized the
inconsistency i.e. to slow reduced wrist hinge and just place it down the
range rather than look a numpty on the camera. However Liam with his
experience and knowledge was still able to fit me for a driver that
provided much better numbers and visually much better distance and
I have also started lessons with the great Pete Finch with one of the
changes being a more upward driver impact, this has seen even more benefits
combined with the new driver and has given me confidence to attack the ball
and get my swing speed back up over a 100mph.
I would certainly recommend the driver fitting and wish i had done it

Matthew Rampersad says:

His spin rates were very high with this club. I tried the R15 out and had
an average spin rate of 1100, peaking at 1400 and as low as 800. Could you
explain what he’s doing to have such high spin rates compared to someone
like me who has a spin rate too low for this club?

Robert Urban says:

If the ideal launch is 17* 1700 spin why not try the 12 or 14 degree r15?
Seems like he could easily get the launch up to at least 12-13 with more
loft on the r15?

danny worsdale golf says:

Howcome finchy got 1.51 smash factor in his last quest for 350 video? Good
stuff Stewart!

NovaScene says:

Correcting a fault with gear is just wrong. Swing lessons with Rick or Pete
and the AOA will be better and distance will come.

23pbkallday says:

Look at Pete in the back trying to get his pecker sucked 

Lewis Curry says:

Well done Stu… Tricky to get settled with a few eyes on your you.. Hope
the new club goes well…
Good on all involved to make it happen for you both.. Keep up the good

The Dude says:

why is he using a stiff shaft with a 90 mph swing speed? He should be using
a regular flex. 

davemucky says:

I’ve just been fitted for a Nike vapor speed driver and it seamed very much
the same as this , good luck Stuart and rob with your new toys 

Todd Brown says:

hard to fit someone who can’t hit the middle of the face. I can hit my 3
wood farther than he can hit his driver. lessons would suit him better.

Alex Gourki says:

seems like lessons would do more good than a fitting

ch44yuan says:

My fitting experience was that the 430cc model will even drop the spin
further. Good Video!!! 

marc67marc says:

Fitting? It looks more like a Demo-Day from tailormade.

hbyrdut says:

Rick, I would like to see Liam fit you for a driver.

xShadowWolfe says:

199 carry and stiff shaft? hmmmmm….I Carry in the 220’s and play a
regular shaft.

Jeff Picchiottino says:

Very awesome and a great class move by Taylor Made!!

David Price says:

That’s a tp r15 with a speeder 661. I didn’t know they didn’t put
Taylormade branding on the shaft 

ne494rc says:

Cant believe they didn’t even try an R flex shaft with his SS


Great video. Class move, TaylorMade. 

burner1954 says:

Fantastic fitting video Rick! A little tweaking by a professional fitter
goes along way!!! Thanks and keep up the great work!!!

Skip ThisAd says:

I don’t think someone can get properly fitted wearing so many layers of
clothing, you’ll have swing restriction.
If he swing with just a polo shirt,for example, his driver fitting numbers
will change 100%.

Scott Williams says:

WOW… I’m not a taylormade fan but giving Stuart a brand new R15 driver on
was the spot was class… Well done Liam 

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