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Duncan Macleod says:

Why can't a question be answered affirmatively with a simple yes?
When I'm world leader, I shall outlaw the substitution of the word yes by the word absolutely in any oral or written sentence. The penalty will be most harsh!

Kevin Lu l Storm Chasing says:

All he did was just move the weight forward which reduces the spin, but also makes it less forgiving. He could have done that himself, didn't need any fitter for that. Piers also cheated by purposefully hitting up at the ball more

Aachener Freunde says:

Can you explain what club fitting is about!? What are the important figures?

j d says:

Long story short , no difference between 2016 and 17

Benjamin says:

Andy, @2:25 WTF?!

tigerbalm says:

Honestly, he was ripping those, but if you just hit 280 yds in the fairways, your can overpower any long public course, even from blue tips!

danthemanwhocancan says:

So we see a series of average drives. We see the ball flight on all of these drives until we get to the final money shot, the magical 293 carry and 319 total drive. All of a sudden in that final drive he gains 15 yards. We don't see the shot. From the body language it looks like it's faded on the wind. I call bullshit. Jason Day, Dustin Johnson and Tiger missing the cut with their new M family drivers….

Nathan Brown says:

Everytime Taylormade sponsored players try to justify the new M1 I just want to cringe. 13 minutes of waffle without a single fact to justify the new M1 over the old one ?

Harold Pohoresky says:

If you can hit the ball as far as you do off the tie as shown on this video, why are you not on the tour? Really curious about this question. Surely your short game can't be all that bad!

dean robinson says:

trousers- next size up.

Vijay Raghavendiran says:

baah…I hate it when I toe one to 286 yds

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