TaylorMade Drivers Trackman Testing & Comparison: SIM Max, M6, M4, M2

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TaylorMade has done a phenomenal job for decades developing driver technology, and it's no wonder why #TaylorMade is one of the leading brands every year. In this exclusive video, 2nd Swing's Thomas Campbell and Drew Mahowald use Trackman Technology for a TaylorMade #drivers trackman test & #comparison that includes the #SIM Max, #M6, #M4, 2017 #M2, and 2016 M2.

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DtownM340 says:

Fantastic vid as always!

James Cameron says:

10:2010:27 same pre dump routine if one had to guess

Michael Staroste says:

Very interesting analysis and quite revealing.
I have moved from the M2 2016 to the M4 hzrdus smoke and saw a significant improvement in distance and accuracy.
As everyone has commented on the deviation in results is minimal,…which reaffirms the concept of “feel” in determining driver selection.
Thanks for the data!

Joe VAN DIJK says:

For goodness sakes. Just hit the bloody ball

Joe VAN DIJK says:

It surpossed to be a comparison not a friendly chit chat. WAY too long

jeff wilburn says:

You say that you normally use a 9 deg driver. How would that have affected these results?

Jason Aplin says:

Awesome video…it helped me alot to decide if I want to upgrade my 2016 M2 to the new sim … I'm a lefty with a slice to left !!

MidLifeBiker says:

Basically nothing in it. Im not sold on twist face..as I find my face also twists with my M4 dispersion. I think the SIM looks the best followed by M6.

Christher Lenander says:

Can you do this with Callaway drivers to? Like to see how Alpha 816 stands against newer models.

Skye PRF says:

Need to make this kind of test with the same shaft… shaft may had improved more than the head?

Per Engström says:

LOL changing color is not new technology.

KeenCrafting says:

Could you do the same sort of comparison video on the Callaway line-up?

Jason Lewis says:

I used to have m6 didn't like it at all. I have a taylor made r5 driver still. It's far and away the best driver I ever hit. I love the sound that comes off it when you hit it in the middle it still booms 👊

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