TaylorMade for sale at $2bn | NPG 71

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TaylorMade is reportedly up for sale at a valuation of $2 billion with a B. Are they really worth that much, and who's buying?

0:00 Intro
0:45 – New USGA proposals on distance control
8:50 – Does the USGA focus too much on Pros?
18:29 – Why does the USGA go after equipment?
35:16 – HOT SEAT: Would you buy TaylorMade?
41:56 – Realistically, who'd buy TM?
51:31 – Pinnacle Practice meets Ball Lab

Is TaylorMade worth $2bn? – https://mygolfspy.com/is-taylormade-golf-worth-2-billion/
Pinnacle Practice Ball Lab – https://mygolfspy.com/ball-lab-pinnacle-practice-range-review/


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mygolfspy says:

Would you BUY Taylormade? ?

Brian Pak says:

Grow the fairway for less roll and the rough to make it harder? I dont mind low scorecards across the board, similar to how NBA and MLB promotes rules for more points

James C says:

Why not experiment with either a 1" tee, or no tee for some of the courses where you can hit bombs? Has that already been done? Maybe it's too simple of an idea to ever work and we need to generate more income by coming up with new ways to "innovate" equipment to handle the "distance" problem.

Jonathan Williams says:

One of the bigger issues is also the long putter length sticks and also gripping against your arm (Bryson). Should ban these on the PGA tour then will filter down into the amateur game.

William H says:

So….now that the hammer driver is giving away a free 3w with purchase on commercials on golf channel (maybe after hours??)…can we at least show Miranda the pa pow of mr hamm

Suburb A Knight says:

Well I already have an SLDR driver I paid over $70 so if interest rates go far enough to the negative OK, but otherwise the price has to come down to the value of their Chinese labor pool , $6 bucks out the door, with stock and accounts receivable .


Just use the lawnmower to trim back the fairways for the top pros ! ?

James Bolton says:

The argument against BIFURCATION is bullshit. If a player has gotten good enough to compete i BIFURCATION of rules would not matter. There should be ameture rules pro rules. Or, as Jack recommended, roll the golf ball back.

George Botsford says:

Nike buys Taylor Made And gives it to Michael Jordan

rogelio mendez says:

Let the grass grow.

Garen Eggleston says:

Most us ams would prefer to see a pro hit something other than a short iron and if you studied the attempt it’s not going to change amateur play

Garen Eggleston says:

Let the elite pros use a wound ball and watch what happens , the skills required are less with today’s equipment

Ben Ross says:

I would not buy TM at $2B. Costco makes sense, as does Nike. Balls and clothes are high margin and equipment is not. Arccos would be appealing. Two rules are dumb. Manufacturers don't want to have to mass produce 2 sets of clubs. You'll need to test equipment on a tournament by tournament level. Tony's point of the 400 yard drive is spot on, otherwise Sadlowski and Kyle Berkshire we be PGA Tour players. ? agree that distance isn't the problem. Course setup and not having pins at on more than 1.5* grade is. The college football vs nfl isn't a good analogy – they use the same field, same cleats, ball is the same size, shoulder pads are the same size.

J M says:

I won’t buy Taylormade, but………… I will marry you even though Harry already married you. Harry can still help us get our club fitting though so we can then play every course in Hawaii.

Alright alright… I’m kidding…….. Jesus, it’s obviously a joke. I’ll donate to charity and travel the world.

Dave Christensen says:

I seriously don't understand the pushback against a different ball for professional golfers (i.e. bifurcation) in that baseball bifurcates its rules for amateur v professional – amateurs can use aluminum bats but pros must use wooden bats. Just change the ball for the pros!!!

The Average Golfer Sway Baez says:

Distance is not a problem. This is complete stupidity

J Davis says:

About the USGA/R&A proposal on distance limits and the 48" driver. They are proposing a LOCAL rule. This would allow tournament hosting clubs to use a rule for a specific venue, and specific dates. This would not effect amateurs, unless they are playing in a tournament where the local rule is being used.

Emmanuel Brito says:

Tiger, Cuban, and Bezos should buy TaylorMade with Tiger being the CEO.

Chris Wright says:

Hell no, I’ve had T.M. drivers that cracked on the crown, never buy TM!

Jay Sp says:

Need to reign in the distance regularly see high single figure golfers dtripong it over 300 yards. If we start extending courses the cost and maintenance goes up making it more elite.

Alan The Golfer says:

Be great if you take the RZN Tour ball thru the lab.

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