TaylorMade Golf ATV Wedge

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trashboat1237 says:

Wait a sec, Holy crap it is abed

trashboat1237 says:

Look, TM makes great stuff and the technology is awesome, but they
over-hype everything and try to get attention by naming a club
“RocketBallz.” Sometimes, I think that they might be trying too hard

Matthew McEwen says:

if they make great stuff. and the players love it. who the fuck cares if
they name it rocketballs. who the fuck cares if they try to hard. and
frankly if it works if its that suttle that everybody loves it its not
trying to hard at all. its calld risking it. and it has payed off

lemerkel says:

0:22 definately hits that blue guy 😉

Jon Gough says:

taylormade makes shit wedges brigstone and titelest r the best

Ackytubby says:

Uh, no **** Pros can hit good wedge shots. They could hit amazing wedge
shots with a wood spoon.

techandgamesguy says:

No xft

VirgoTiger092286 says:

0:14 IT’S ABED!!!

neova2 says:

Ummm… so why is there so many loft/bounce combination for this wedge? I’m
surprise Taylormade didn’t launch a new ATV TP ball to go along with the
new wedge.

Josh Hoag says:

I’ll take three please

Joseph O'Hara says:

Cleveland cg 15 best wedge out there but now those groves are illegal 🙁

joe jasinski says:


Matt Bartolomeo says:

I sure hope that ATV stamp doesn’t make it to the wedge as shown,
definitely need to rethink the font and placement.

Ethan Leier says:

Except Taylormade still sucks…

MrSVTc0bra says:

taylormade sucks at everything except drivers

Valen Skywalker says:

@TheJmister99 there are good this drivers i have one dude

Groy H says:

wanna send me a free one?

clinteastwood84 says:

there is no bounce option because the bounce changes as you hold the club
you upen it te bounce changes you close it the bounce changes thus no
bounce options thus the ATV did you guys not listen to the guy in the video

Valen Skywalker says:

@lemerkel si! le pego! jajaj

peter hoeg gade christensen says:

@Ethanaccount what about the r11s driverr

Steve Murta says:

no its sean o’hair

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