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So after a bust Christmas break here are some facts around the amazing choice by Taylormade to NOT send equipment to mark Crossfield for review. Hear what he makes of it and how it is a huge shame for golfers looking for info about golf clubs that has a clear customer driven message. The M3 and M4 drivers from TaylorMade will get tested by Mark but with zero help from taylorMade golf. Same issue with M1 M2 drivers last year.

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Joshua Tally says:

Two FFFFFousand 18

Andy Connor says:

Companies cant just send out free equipmemt to every professional coach surely.
Is that what your after.

Derek Ross says:

Taylor made can go their own way – as not supporting your stuff ain't gonna help them init?

ibass2 says:

I don’t think they are disrespecting you here Mark. If anything, they respect you so much, they aren’t confident enough in there own product to put it in your hands. They didn’t want to send you products when you didn’t represent a manufacturer, so now they just invented the “Crossfield Policy “. We ( Taylormade ) only wish to put product in the hands of individuals that will guarantee a favorable review. So when Youtubers are flown across the pond, put up in a hotel, and get a weekend of free golf…. more often than not, they will review Taylormade product in a good light, securing an invite to the next release.
#ElvisCostellowantshisglassesback #Angelswannawearmygolfshoes #TaylorMark

Ben says:

How dare you have any deals with other brands!? Especially the most well known golf brand in the world, one that simply rolls with the punches and puts out fantastic products, lets the products do the talking with performance rather than trying to play marketing monopoly. Shame! Sounds like TM is tired of being second fiddle and is willing to get nasty with anyone who isn't team TM 100%.

Bakgethi Remote says:

STOP whining. You made a pretty penny with Callaway, and only an IDIOT would think that you'll be impartial when reviewing other companies' products. Even if you were impartial, the APPEARANCE of bias will always be there.

Chris Downing says:

So it's not only you – seems like 'My Golf Spy' have displeased them as well … at least you haven't upset Callaway as well like they have.

Mr. Bi in Beijing Siggie says:

Hey Mark great coaching tips aside I've always seen you as great, independent golf journalist. You're saving us from the PR man… stay honest…

Scott Francis says:

Dude let it go who cares what TM thinks Flex Face I mean cmon. If you truly wanted to be objective then no gear deals.

Jon B says:

Even Rory has said on a podcast that a club manufacturer was not willing to send him equipment to demo (while he was a free agent)… AND HE'S A TOP 10 TOUR PRO. The difference is that he would not give up the name of the manufacturer. You're coming off hurt and petty. Makes me think if Titleist put you up to this

ajh21313 says:

Taylormade has won, you're miffed just like last year! Taylormade #1 in products, marketing, and pissing the little guy off.

DD Sara says:

Mark I love your reviews but this video is so childish. You are now paid by Titleist. You are by definition not an impartial reviewer any longer. Yes you are right we should not listen to pro endorsers. They are also not impartial. If any serious golfer out there buys a club because Dustin Johnson uses it or Phil Mickelson etc… than they are ridiculous. That is the very reason why people tune into these you tube videos. To try to get a completely impartial review. Also, it doesn't matter who else is with you when you review, it doesn't matter if Taylormade supplies you with clubs or not. You can still get the clubs and review them and people can decide for themselves if your opinion is valid or not. So stop the whining and man up and do what you do.

4everswinger says:

I don't blame, them. The bottom line is if you are paid by a company a you are consciously or unconsciously biased towards company a, plus you are also super annoying so that is another aspect. This is 18 minutes I will never get back, like watching a flipping episode of coronation street!

Angelo Vazquez says:

I started mid year 2017 with power body swing in combination  with slow tempo. I'm sixty now and looking for every ounce of power I can keep and acquire. I have been using hybrids from 3-7 .   Normally I would have a draw now with my driver I'm getting height and a butter cut fade and split center and distance… shortly after I been getting the same consistency  and with my irons I'm getting distance so much so  to the point that I can use my  six and seven Irons again. I am using Callaway X-22 irons – I like them a lot and I was contemplating getting the Cleveland hybrid set but now I thing I want to hold onand see if the game improvement iron is good enough. still working that out

truzar100 says:

love taylormade, nothing has come close since i bought taylormade. try them last and judge for yourself. those pros are not reviewers so no they are not saying what you claim they are at all

Jess Robinson says:

To Mark, and all my fellow golfers,

My statement is the following: I sell range balls, I teach. As my mentor instilled in me- and which my significant other protests- If I cannot help you, I will not accept payment. I don't take payment for a lesson until it has concluded. I'm wearing the same hat I was given by the company that offered it to me. Mizuno. I bought their irons when I outgrew my Ping Eye 2's. I still carry a 904 five wood. My putter is a TM- because it fits me, and coincidentally, is remarkably similar to the one popular on tour, but acquired when it came out, more than 10 years ago. My only hydrid is a Callaway. My 56* is a Titleist, my true SW is a cleveland.

The truth is- our sport is being prostituted. Purchase some resistance bands and a medicine ball. For 90% of us, that will increase our ball speed significantly more than this months latest tech.

I left a career to pursue my vocation. Left the security of a paycheck for a meritocracy- if ever one exists- I am an apprentice- My loyalty is to the game, and I'm compensated through honesty. As much as I disdain marketing, it does elevate my opinion in the eyes of new consumers, to whom I readily say "there's no need of a large purchase- let's learn why last years tools don't work before we replace them on a whim".

Play the game. Play.

Danny Fisher says:

Fair one Mark .

Robert DeLellis says:

Well, that IS disappointing that TaylorMade seems to have so little confidence in their products that they will limit to whom they provide testing clubs. For me, I've found the most important thing is not the brand of the club, but if it fits me. After years and years of buying what manufacturers think amateurs need, i ordered a PING G400 driver at 44.5" and D3 swingweight. I like the looks, feel and sound of the driver, but THE most important thing is going to a shorter driver I lost NO distance, in fact I've gained distance on center hits AND, at the shorter length, I hit the middle of the face way more often. I found what fits me. Callaway did this last year (or 2016) by making a driver available at 44.5", but that was one UGLY driver and made to go left, so that was not for me. The fact that TM will not provide clubs to Mark is sad, as the type of testing he does is very useful. I'm not buying that any driver on center hits is going substantially farther than any other driver, due to the .83 USGA/R&A limitation. What IS important is whether a particular club has the spin and flight characteristics that fit ME and, in large part, that's what Mark tests. For now, for me, that's the G400, but I'm sure there is something from another brand, if fit properly that would work.

BTW, I don't think Titleist is any less of a bully. In fact, I think they are usually worse. I avoid all Titleist products due to their love of suing people. "Hello little golf ball manufacturers. If it is round we will squish you like a bug. We have a patent on all things round." Oh, and Golf Magazine, your watered down reviews in your "Club Test" are semi-useless. You will never print anything less than positive about the clubs of a paying manufacturer.

Rrracket says:

club reviewers are dime a dozen

Wayne Stephens says:

TAYLORMADE Listen Up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have just learned Mark is a Titleist Man (Sorry Mark after watching your videos fro some years I didn't know that)
I recently bought a set of Cleveland Launcher CBX irons after seeing Marks reviews and then of course doing my own testing.
I UPGRADED, YES UPGRADED from Mizuno JPX 900 Tours.
I play off 3 ( which is probably TM target market) and have always found Marks reviews very fair, no judgemental and most importantly extremley accurate.
Mark keep up the good work.
TAYLORMADE by me(and many others) not seeing your product independently reviewed I simply discard it.
I have played golf for 40+ years. I think that it is a sad reflection that someone like me has NEVER consider your product.
I hope in the future that you do offer your product to independent reviews so players like me can at least consider your product.

Ralph Wardlaw says:

These videos are completely unwatchable with the constant camera cuts. Terrible!

Don B says:

Those corporate dips.. that’s ??

Brian Kulchycki says:

What I'm doing to improve my game this year? After a 10 year absence from playing I'm getting back into the game, buying either Cobra Max or TaylorMade Aeroburner irons (I've already bought a used TM R7 Draw driver and an R11 4H) and getting the irons fit. This years goal, hopefully play enough to develop a handicap and consistently break 100.

Thomas Foster says:

It is simple fact that you have a bone fide conflict of interest. In business or law, you would not be allowed to take money from one party and pass judgement on another. It does not pass the simple reasonableness test that you can take money from one club manufacturer and pass impartial judgement on another manufacturer. Your position on this matter shows naivete and inexperience in how things really work. Sorry, Mark, but you simply have an ethical problem that you have failed to respect professionally.

M D says:

Wow what a fantastic video and so honest to . Please keep up the good work Mark . Am sure there will be thousands of us in the UK & the USA who agree with you ?

martyn edwards says:

#262 – i have watched the whole video now. you are so right on. move on their loss.

TheBadger1959 says:

To improve my game in 2018 chipping chipping chipping practice practice practice!!!!!

martyn edwards says:

Lets face it Titleist make amazing clubs so fair play Mark. However I have seen your reviews and they are totally unbiased. Keep doing what you are doing – love it. All the best from "Ted in the Shed" aka the Brummie Boy @ Hankley Common

Peter Atherton says:

Jeffrey Bodine If you’re condoning what Taylor Made are doing, then you’re the moron dude. Maybe you don’t need independent unbiased reviews, but I do, I also respect how Mark stands up to them, so you run along to your nearest Taylor Made tour truck and crack on.

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