TaylorMade Golf | Justin Rose First Reaction to New Tour Preferred Irons

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yubin83 says:

I would love a set of these. I’m glad that taylormade has gone back to a
more traditional look, rather than all those graphics on the back of the
club. Personally, I think the new design looks very nice.

Davis Lamb says:

Really hard to tell if he liked them or not

Golf Buddy says:

If you can look down at rocket blades you can look down at anything lol.
Tell tiger he needs a cavity back to have his long irons come in high and
soft. Pure bs once again from the kings of bs: taylormade

bebo7002 says:

hahahahahahaha he was like “i dont really feel it flexing” the taylormade
dude follows it up with awkward silence

daniel reeve says:

i dont even think taylormade know what there on about

prorobo says:

C-Tapers in all of those “demo” clubs for Rose. Doesn’t sound like he was
too thrilled with the MB and MC.

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