TaylorMade Golf | Justin Rose Tests Tour Preferred PW

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bumrusherer1985 says:

Maxpf – when you are paid millions to do it, I don’t think they mind.

maxpf says:

i feel sorry for the tour pros who have to do this pointless videos all the
time and pretend they have the best club ever in their hand now

HolyPotato11 says:

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TheSagemeister says:

Maxpf, just because they’re pro’s doesn’t mean they don’t get just as
excited as us amateurs when getting the chance to try new clubs. Im no fan
of TM irons (apart from their wedges) but i’ve got to admit these look
pretty nice, plus they’re all forged offerings which is great.

prorobo says:

These are cool videos. Would be nice to see the ball flight though.

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