TaylorMade Golf | Sergio Garcia WITB

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great video but it would be more interesting to see what they actually are
playing, more about the clubs and the specs on the clubs would be really
cool to see

Jeff Foltz says:

Leave it up to Taylormade to push product rather than give an intimate witb

Pavel Dubšík says:

I have got the same grip, cool

MyGolfLove78 says:

I used to not like sergio, but he seems like a really great guy

Dtyler171 says:

I play the rocketblade tours Sergio used to play. Demoed those as well,
didn’t like them all that much (I like the RB tours better). On top of it,
the RB tours were also cheaper. 

강상빈 says:

cool guy

Golf Live says:

Wenn Sergio all die netten Dinge selbst herumschleppen müsste, wäre einiges
im Spind geblieben…

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